Wood Lathe Information – Review

Wood Lathe InformationSo if you need solid Wood Lathe Information and advice on what is the best wood lathe to buy. Therefore you’ve come to the right place.

Wood lathes are an excellent crafting tool. Because it can help you add elegance to your woodworking projects.

The best woodturning lathes are those which offer variable features and allow you to work with the least amount of frustration.

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We’ll look at five of the best bench top lathes on the market. Besides giving you some help in choosing the one that’s right for you.

Wood Lathe InformationSHOP FOX W1704 1/3-Horsepower Benchtop Lathe

Also this bench-top lathe is an affordable product with enough of the best features. Most importantly, getting you up and running on smaller projects and pen turning.

Furthermore it’s durable and works well for a novice on a budget.

Wood Lathe Information

This lathe features:
• 4 ½ an 7 in tool rests
• Infinite variable speed from 700-3200 rpm
• 13” between centers
• swing is 8”
• Constructed of cast iron
• Safety paddle switch

• Adequate for pen turning and smaller bowls
• Good quality for an affordable price
• Combination of weight and quiet motor keeps vibration low
• Headstock might need adjusting out of the box
• 1/3 horse power is a little light for some applications

Therefore hard to determine if this is the best wood lathe for beginners. Besides its affordability makes it a good place to start.

The infinite variable speed control is also a nice feature as well.

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Wood Lathe Information5 Speed Bench Top Wood Lathe with 3″ Faceplate and 7″ Tool Rest

Tackles a variety of wood turning projects. Because of the five adjustable speeds of this bench-top wood lathe.

This Wood Lathe Information includes:
• 10″ swing
• 18″ long
• pull-out switch to prevent unwanted or unsupervised operation.
• speeds: 750, 1100, 1600, 2200, 3200 RPM
• cast iron construction
• 3″ and 7″ tool rest
• Nonslip rubber feet

• 18” length and 10” swing allows for greater variety of projects
• Thus prevents ½ hp motor it from getting bogged down when turning is tough
• Rubber feet help prevent vibration while working
• Speed control is limited to the five settings
• Plastic levers to lock the post height into place

Hence this is a bench top wood lathe that is certainly both affordable and easy to use.

Because the larger horsepower and capacity allows for more project flexibility. Due to its limited speed options maybe be frustrating for some users.

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General International 25-200M1 Variable Speed Maxi-Lathe VS +

In contrast this General International 12” swing lathe has variable speeds that are certainly controlled electronically. And besides it includes a pivoting head for outboard turning.

Because it’s viable option for those looking for a high quality bench top lathe for precision turning.

Wood Lathe Information includes:
• cast-iron frame
• variable speed ranges – 300-900, 600-1800 and 1200-3600-RPM
• Headstock pivots 360-degrees with 180-degree solid stop outboard
• 12” swing and 17” capacity
• Digital speed display
• Motor 3/4 hp.

• Large diameter swivel is the only one in its class of bench-top lathes
• Digital variable speed control is a great feature
• Silent operation with smooth speed changes

• Belt has to be moved for speed variations
• Certainly more lathe than your average beginner needs

So this may not be the best wood lathe information for beginners. Besides, due to its being much higher priced than the average bench-top lathe. Therefore its features do allow those with more experience to take on a wide variety of jobs.

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General International 25-200M1 Variable

Turning Lathe 14×40 In

So some who use lathes will tell you to go big or don’t go at all.

Therefore this giant bench-top lathe certainly meets the Wood Lathe Information standard. Because it’s also affordable.

Here are the features included:
• 14″ swing
• 40″ maximum between centers.
• Four speed, V belts
• Spindle Speeds: 810 RPM to 3400 RPM
• ½ hp motor

• Allows you to do longer pens up to a pretty significant diameter
• Very affordable
• Great for first time users

• No outboard turning
• No bells and whistles if you need those sorts of things

Therefore the best woodturning lathes have the features that you need.

Because of this model, those features are somewhat limited. Therefore if you are wanting to turn longer pieces.  Hence this is probably the best lathe for the money.

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Wood Lathe InformationSHOP FOX W1752 Mini Wood Lathe

The cast iron construction, also 1/2 HP motor provide plenty of power and stability. Therefore able turn bowls up to 10-inch wide and spindles up to 15-1/2-inch long.

Most importantly, this combination makes, as a result, this one of the best woodturning lathes that you can buy.

The Wood Lathe Information features:
• Quick access speed changes
• 10-Inch swing
• Tailstock travel: 3-1/4-Inch
• Tool rest length: 6-1/4-Inch
• live rolling center, spur center and 3-Inch face plate
• 38” extended bed option

• Midrange price allows for a variety of features without being too pricey
• The extended bed option allows you to work on longer pieces
• Rubber feet to reduce vibration
• Safety switch to keep you safe
• Some complaints about the drive spur being a little bit oblong
• Might be some shipping or packaging issues

Therefore the negative comments of this lathe seem to be cantered around shipping and packaging. Consequently this is a headache.

Consequently these are issues that can be solved through customer service. Because the end result is a lathe that can help you do the work. Besides you need to get one at a decent price.

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Wood lathe Information – Conclusion 

Also what is the best wood lathe to buy?

Because that depends upon how you’re going to use it and what your budget limit is.

So after reviewing these five options, we hope that you have enough Wood Lathe Information. As a result, so help you make an informed decision before making an investment. Because a tool that is sure to provide great returns in your wood working.


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