Woodworking Bar Clamps – Review


Woodworking Bar Clamps

Woodworking bar clamps are designed to hold two or more components of wood in a fixed position.

to Woodworking Bar Clampswork on,

join together using

  • glue
  • nails
  • screws
  • dowels

Furthermore, if the components are temporary and need to be disassembled then the use of glue is not used.

Moreover there are many different types of clamps available. And in this selection we are discussing the bar clamp. There is a range of sizes and so this review covers some of the popular sizes. And the manufacturers you will encounter.


Bessey GSCC2.524 2.5-Inch x 24-Inch Economy Clutch Style Bar ClampWoodworking Bar Clamps


The Bessey range is very impressive and well constructed.  The bar is nickel plated with a serrated rail. Because the Clutch plates are a two piece designed for positioning easily.

  • The the 24 inch clamp capacity with protective pads.
  • The throat depth is 2.5 inch.
  • It has a clamping force of 600 lbs.
  • The handle is shaped ergonomically for pleasant use.
  • The sliding and fixed jaws are of cast iron.
  • The bar clamps can be purchased single, packs of 2,3 or 4.


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IRWIN QUICK-GRIP 1964758 One-Handed Mini Bar Woodworking Bar ClampsClamp 4 Pack, 6″


The small single hand clamps designed to clamp small objects in limited work space.

Because a one-handed operation of clamping and release is perfect for operating.

Besides the clamps have their gripping action do not scratch or scuff. And pads that are non-marring.

The clamp gripping force, therefore evenly spread over the workpieces at 140 lbs.

The bar of the clamp manufactured in hardened steel to prevent bending and flexing. The clamping fixtures are of resin construction.

Sold in packs of 4 clamps.


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TEKTON Mini 6-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar ClampWoodworking Bar Clamps and 9-Inch Spreader | 39180


The TEKTON bar clamp has two operations, first one is to clamp work pieces together.

Second to act as a spreader, by transferring the fixed jaw to the other end of the bar.

Because the clamping has a ratchet system that ensures a constant pressure preventing creep.

Therefore the use of the ratchet permits the use of of a trigger operation to apply constant and exact pressure.

A quick release button, incorporated to allow a free movement of the jaw to a new position.

To protect the work pieces the jaws have soft pads preventing damage.

The jaw assembly manufactured from super-strong nylon.


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Yost K5024 24 Inch Parallel


Yost is a small company, the service is very good.

Therefore  you have a lightweight product that is easy to clamp.

The clamps come in three sizes 12, 24 and 36 inch.

There is very little other information as Yost web-site has nothing on it at the moment.

There are some very good comments from purchasers of the product.


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Bessey BGPKIT General Purpose Clamp Kit


If you are looking for a start up selection of clamps this set is a possibility.

The set consists of the following:

  • XM5, 2 inch spring clamps (2 of)
  • LM2.004, 40 inch general purpose clamps (2 of)
  • TGJ2.506, 6 inch medium purpose clamps (2 of)
  • TG4.008, 8 inch medium purpose clamps (2 of)
  • PC34, 0.75 inch pipe clamp (2 of)
  • If you were to price the items individually this is a good deal.
  • To this offer there is a lifetime warranty.


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Woodworking Bar Clamps

Woodworking Bar Clamps, an essential piece of equipment in a general woodworking environment. They hold work pieces whilst you work on them. Assembling components and clamping them in place whilst the glue is setting. Bar clamps are just one form of clamping tool and they come in a range of sizes. The above review gives you an idea of what is available.  


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