Dust Stopper Unit

Introducing a Dust Stopper Unit into your wet/dry vacuum machine’s suction system greatly reduces the clogging up the filter.

With a Dust Stopper insitue you will be able to use the vacuum wet/dry machine for longer periods with a good suction.

This means tools like routers, lathes and CNC machines that produce sometimes a large amount of debris and dust can be used for longer periods of work.Dust Stopper Unit


The Dust Deputy DIY Standalone Anti-Static Cyclone Separator

This system uses centrifugal force that removes and captures about 99% of the debris/dust on its way to the wet/dry vacuum unit.

Thus the filter unit remains cleaner for longer periods before cleaning or replacing. This will make saving in cost of eventual need to replace the filter.

The Dust Deputy can used with any make model and size of wet/dry vacuum. Has a tapered two inch fitting to accomodate a variety of hose sizes.

Designed to work with a variety of materials:

  • Wood dust.
  • Concrete dust.
  • Metal shavings.
  • Drywall dust.
  • Grass and Leaves.
  • Pet and animal hair.
  • Clay/silica dust.

The product is manufactured in America.

The Dust Deputy DIY Kit contains the following:

  • Clear cyclone hose.
  • Elbows 2 of.
  • Gasket.
  • Hose clamp.
  • O-rings 2 of.
  • Mounting hardware.

You provide the waste container.


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EAZY2HD Cyclone Dust Collector with Flange Base,Dust Separator Use With Shop Vac and More,Dust Collection for Wood Working,Commercial,Workshop,Garage

This Dust Stopper Unit suitable to be used with an industrial dust collector or a wet/dryDust Stopper Unit vacuum unit.

It has a high Efficiency providing an 80% – 95%  roductivity increase from a vortex airflow it creates. This created swirling airflow spins out the large chips and sawdust.  Allowing only the very fine particles to be collected by the vacuum unit. To obtain the highest collection rate a very tight  seal must be made during installation.

The Cyclone Dust Collector is manufactured of PP material of the highest quality when combined with wet/dry vac unit it will extend the life of the filter.

Combines with most types of vacuum dust collectors and useable collects and sweeps:

  • Wood chips.
  • Consrete particles.
  • Hair.
  • Debris.


  • Dimensions. 13.3” x 8.3” x 7”.
  • Inlest diameter. 1.97”.
  • Outlet diameter. 1/97”.
  • External diameter. 2.17”.
  • Coupling Inner Diameter. 1.78”.
  • Coupling external diameter. 1.97”.

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Delmar Tools Shop Vacuum Dust Separator, Installs In Seconds On 5 Gallon Buckets, Fits All Sized Containers, Included Adapter and Hose

The Delmar Dust Stopper Unit Separator requires a 5 gallon bucket to collect the wood Dust Stopper Unitdebris and dust from the suction flow before it reaches the wet/dry machine.

Hardware for mounting and instructions are provided.

The dust separator is supplied with the following:

  • 90 degree adaptor.
  • 2.5” hose.
  • Sturdy rubber Gasket.

The Dust Separator needs a good Gasket to ensure maximum vacuum so that the unit works at maximum efficiency removing the debris. This will allow the wet/dry unit filter remains clean giving a long use before replacing.

Delmar Tools provide a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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Conclusion – Dust Stopper Unit


A dust stopper attachment to your vacuum unit will benefit you with time saved in not having to stop and change or clean the filter. The only minor disadvantage is you have now two pieces of equipment that make it not easy to move from one situation requireing dust extraction to another.

The following video gives a solution of combining them into one moveable unit, it also demonstrates the Dust Stopper in action. The video is fairly long but very informative but I consider it is worthwhile but at least it demonstrates the benefits of the Dust Stopper.