Best Tool Sharpening System – Review

Wet Stone Sharpening Guide

Best Tool Sharpening SystemTo obtain the best tool sharpening system on a tool takes time and patience to eventually achieve the cutting edge that you require.

The Tormek wet stone sharpening system is the best sharpening system to get desired results.

Elininating the trial and error results that can be frustrating  due to a mistake on of the sharpening process by hand.

The Tormek system uses low revving water cooled sharpening system to eliminate heat and sparks, dust and the requirement of a dust extraction unit.

There are a variety of attachments to fix the correct angle for the different  tools to be sharpened so eliminating any possible guesswork.To complete the sharpening process to get the razor sharp finish the Tormek system also has the stropping leather wheel.

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Tormek T-8 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System, 10 Inch Stone.

  • The main frame of the Tormek is Zinc cast with the sides in ABS plastic.
  • The grindstone wheel is 10inch X 2inch.
  • The leather honing wheel is 8.25 inch X 1.219 inch.
  • A square edge jig for honing.
  • The water trough has an improved screw lift.
  • For Long knife sharpening a water chute included.
  • The drive wheel is manufactured from cast zinc.


                                                                                                                           Included in the purchase price:

  • Square edge jig -77.
  • Angle master WM-200.
  • Honing Compound.
  • Truing Tool.
  • Stone Grader
  • Accessory storage tray.
  • Handbook and DVD
  • 7 years warranty include commercial use.
    A DVD and Hand Book is included

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Tormek T-7 Water Cooled Precision Sharpening System, 10 Inch Stone

3 mm welded steel frame.
Choice of motor either 115 V, 60 Hz/230 V, 50 Hz both 200 W (input).
The Grindstone is 250 X 50 mm
The leather honing wheel is 220 X 31 mm
A plastic drive wheel.
The Water trough contains a magnet and water chute.

The unit undertakes the Toughest Work and runs without Overheating Continuously. Silently and maintenance free.

Included in the purchase price:

  • Square edge jig -76.
  • Angle master WM-200.
  • Honing Compound.
  • Truing Tool.
  • Stone Grader.
  • Accessory storage tray.
  • Handbook and DVD
  • 7+3 years warranty include commercial use.

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Water Cooled Tool Sharpening System Tormek T4 with an 8-Inch Stone.


A Tormek Sharpening System That’s also a Great Value.

This product is for use in the small workshop. Having a need for precision accurate sharpening.

Using the Tormek T4 with the slow, 120 revs/min, wet wheel ensures that the tool doesn’t overheat and lose temper.

The frame is stainless steel. A Zinc die cast top. With ABS impact resistant covering.

There are various fixtures and jigs available to hold various tools in the correct sharpening position.

The following included on purchase:

  • Angle Master.
  • Honing Compound.
  • DVD and Handbook.
  • Wheel Grader.
  • 7 year Warranty.

Imported from Sweden

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Drill Bit Sharpener Tormek DBS-22 – The Drill Bit Sharpening Jig Attachment For Tormek Water-Cooled Sharpening Systems.

Using the Tormek drill bit sharpener it produces a 4-facet point that makes the point of the drill bit to a chisel edge so reducing the drill to travel over the work piece.

It produces a drill bit with two equal cutting edges so producing correct size holes and gives a longer life to the drill bit having two cutting edges doing an equal amount of the cutting work.

The point angle set between 90 and 150 degrees. The clearance set to 7, 9, 11 and 14 degrees. According to material being drilled.

A Tormek drill bit attachment can sharpen drill bits from 3mm (1/8”) to 22mm (7/8”).
By using a slow turning wet stone sharpening kit this eliminates the possibility of overheating and producing micro cracks. It also allows the restoration of worn or broken drills back to perfect use.


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Tormek Sharpener Truing Tool Tormek TT-50. The Ideal Grindstone Wheel Truing Device for Tormek T-8, T-7, T-4,

When your grindstone becomes uneven the Truing tool will rectify the problem easily and quickly, making it round and flat.

The attachment has a diamond cutter that is fed across the face of the grind stone.
The truing attachment is fixed to the bar on the Tormek and the Micro adjustment is set just to touch the highest point of the grind stone and locked.

The cutter then clear of the grind stone. Start the stone. The diamond set to desired depth of cut. Should the stone need a large correction then take several small cuts.

The diamond cutter is then fed across. The feed speed using two wheels either side of the attachment. A slow feed of about 90 seconds will give a very fine finish to the grind stone. Feed of 30 seconds produces a corse grind surface for a faster grind.


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Tormek SVD-186 Turning Tool Sharpener Gouge and Turning Cutter Jig That Makes Repeatable, Precise Sharpening Easy

This wood lathe tool sharpening system is used to sharpen and shape your bowl, spindle gouges and V-tools.

The unit ensure  the profile of  tools repeatable. So razor sharp each time resharpened. 1.375” is the maximum width of the blade.

SharpenTurning cutters. Mount the cutter onto a special shaft. Included in the jig.

Using the jig the edge angle and shape can be made to your turning requirements, which is repeatable and the tools will last for a very long time as very little material is remove from the tool.


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Tormek SE-76 Square Edge Jig

This jig is designed to clamp wood chisels and plane irons in the correct grinding angle.It also ensures that the tool is positioned at 90°.

Two safety stops set so using the complete surface of the grindstone. Also prevents the tool slipping of the stone.

The jig accommodates chisels and plane irons up to 3” (76mm).   Tapered shank Chisels, also ground using the jig.


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Turning Tool Sharpening Setter Tormek TTS-100

The Tool Setter designed to work on any size diameter grind stone wheel or Leather Honing Wheel.

The Tool setter enables you to set the correct cutting angle for the bowl, spindle gouges, flat and oval skews.

Having determined the angle that most suits your cutting technique it is repeatable to replicate the profile time and time again.


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Straight or Curved Edge Sharpener Tormek SVS-50. The Multi-Jig For Sharpening Skew Chisels, Gouges, Beading Tools, and More. Sharpens Curved or Straight Blade Edges.

The Multi-jig has two formats having two seats to be used in the jig housing, this makes the jig capable of sharpening various tools.

With the seat closed you can precisely grind square and skew chisels. Grind the tool on one side. Then turn the jig  upside down. So sharpen the other side to make them symmetrical.

Oval section skews can be accommodated and can sharpen straight and curved edges, Maximum skew width 1.25”/32mm.

Use the open seat the tool to secure it with the top screw. Then the tool grinds square across the shank. The jig will take tools up to 2”/50mm wide.


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SP-650 Stone Grader

The SP-Stone grader is used to change the grit size on the Tormek grindstone to either fine grit or course grit.
The advantage of this being able to use the rough grit to grind a tool and then change the grit to fine to complete the grinding of the tool without having to change the tool setting.
To change the grit from the original setting of 220 grit to a fine 1000 grit the stone grader fine side is pressed about 30 seconds. To go back to coarse grit use the coarse face of the Stone grader in the same way.


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Best Tool Sharpening System – Conclusion

The wet stone sharpening system has many advantages for those of you who struggle to get the correct angle and a razor sharp cutting edge.

The Tormek wet stone sharpening system fulfils all requirements of a woodworker. Eliminating all guesswork out of the sharpening process.
The busy woodworker can improve his/her production throughput by spending the minimum of time maintaining their tools.

The easy to use chisel sharpening jig is a good example of how quick and economic it removes the minimum of metal to bring the tool back to prestige condition.