• Best Pocket Hole System

    Wood joints without nails A common problem in woodworking is jointing either permanently or having the ability to disassemble if required. The best pocket hole system is the answer to both situations and has become a very popular method of joining. To that end, there has been a selection of jigs produced to enable the […]

  • Spokeshave Hand Tool – review refurbishing sharpening videos

    Introduction to Spokeshave hand tool videos The Spokeshave hand tool has been in use for many years and though with modern technology it still has its uses. The object of the videos we are going to display is to introduce you the viewer to some of the various types of Spokeshaves old and modern.  There […]

  • Electric Tree Branch Chainsaw – Safety Review

    Electric Tree Branch Chainsaw Most accidents involving a chainsaw are related to the saw being misused or the user being out of balance while using the saw. No position carries more risk for potential accidents than cutting tree branchesIt is in an attempt to reduce chainsaw accidents that the electric tree branch chainsaw was developed. […]

  • Spokeshave Woodworking Tool – Review

    Hand Shaping Tool   The Spokeshave Woodworking Tool is not a new invention and the original tools were wooden made and as the name suggests were designed to shape the spokes of wheels but with technology other products have been invented to mechanically speed up the process. The spokeshave however has been improved and still […]

  • Abrasive Cleaning Stick – Review

      Wood Sanding Abrasive belts are a very useful product that have many different compositions of grit size that can produce direct finishes on the work piece. They get clogged up in usage, so the choice is either replace the belt with a new one or clean it. Fortunately it is possible to clean and revive […]

  • Wet Stone Sharpening Grinder

        What is a wet stone sharpening grinder used for Your woodworking tools are precision instruments which are at their very best when they are properly sharpened. Keeping them sharp is extremely important when it comes to both safety and accuracy. A wet stone sharpening grinder is the best way to keep your woodworking […]

  • Best Tool Sharpening System – Review

    Wet Stone Sharpening Guide To obtain the best tool sharpening system on a tool takes time and patience to eventually achieve the cutting edge that you require. The Tormek wet stone sharpening system is the best sharpening system to get desired results. Elininating the trial and error results that can be frustrating  due to a […]

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