Best Drill Press Woodworking – Review

Best Drill Press WoodworkingIf you are wondering whether you would benefit by adding a drill press to your tool arsenal, you might also be considering how to choose the Best Drill Press Woodworking based on the types of projects you prefer.

While the practicality of a good drill press is often overlooked by newcomers, most professionals and seasoned hobbyists know that this is a tool that is well worth the investment because of the speed and accuracy with which it can perform a multitude of tasks.

Fortunately, even a top rated drill press can often be found for a reasonable price.

There are just a few things that you need to know so you can select the best drill press for woodworking that will suit your personal needs.

What is a Drill Press?

Certainly consider also your pillar drill requirements

A drill press is essentially a type of drill that is fixed in place either by bolting it to the floor (pillar drill) or mounting it on a workbench or table (bench-top drill).

A drill press consists of a base to keep it steady, a column for height, a table attached to the column for holding your project, a spindle for holding your working tool, a head that controls the spindle and a motor.

What is a Drill Press Used For?

If you have been using a handheld drill exclusively, you may not understand the value of a drill press.

While a good handheld drill offers the convenience of portability and is fine for many applications, a drill press has advantages that simply cannot be attained with a hand drill, such as:

Greater precision:

When your project calls for multiple holes drilled to precisely the same depth, holes of an exact size or holes drilled at an angle, a hand drill cannot compete with a drill press.

Easier on the user:

Holding a hand drill steady and pushing it into the wood while ensuring accuracy can be tiring and difficult. A drill press takes on most of the labor and eliminates the guesswork.

Functions at odd angles:

A drill press can be adjusted to drill holes at angles that are hard to manage by hand, preventing the frustration of attempting to start holes at an angle and keeping the work straight and accurate.

Other tasks:

Some drill presses have attachments that allow them to be used for drilling mortise holes for mortise and tenon joints. Also, most drill presses can be used for sanding projects by adding spindle sander or sanding drum attachments.


While you should always follow all safety precautions listed in your owner’s manual when operating a drill press, including wearing proper clothing and eye protection, the tool offers several safety advantages over the traditional hand held drill.

For example, unless you are drilling into a wall, you will need to keep your project still while you work.

Holding the wood in your hand, even braced against a table, offers poor stability.

You may clamp the wood to a table or workbench, but the energy you use to push the drill against the wood can dislodge it.

Being able to lock your project in place and angle the wood and the quill so that the machine can do the work helps to prevent mistakes. The drill press also helps to eliminate the fatigue factor that can arise when doing the work by hand.

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Following reviews of top rated drill presses. Also best value drill presses and other nice models for your consideration.

Best Drill Press WoodworkingWEN 4208 8-Inch 5 Speed Drill Press

This popular model gives you power and accuracy for an affordable price.

It has a durable induction motor, an height-adjustable work table that also bevels up to forty-five degrees for drilling holes at an angle, a spindle that can travel up to 2 inches and has locking linear depth stops for accuracy in repetitive drilling operations.

This drill is quiet, powerful and large enough for most standard woodworking jobs. It includes a one-half inch keyed chuck and onboard key storage.


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 Best Drill Press Woodworking30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press

Another popular model.

Because this drill press constructed of solid steel and cast iron.

Therefore vibration-free operation.

The versatile speed range offers the ability to drill into many different materials. It has a depth stop for repeated drilling.

Maybe not have a lot of bells and whistles. Above all, a reputation for long-lasting service even under heavy use.

It is worthy of consideration, not least because of its reasonable price.


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SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench for Jewelers & Hobbyists

For about the same price as a good hand drill, this small model offers power enough to do tough jobs with the precision to cut gems, glass, jewelry and other craft items.

It has a small base that takes up little room on the workbench but a work surface perfectly sufficient for the delicate jobs that are its specialty.

It comes with three wrenches and a key chuck. This may be the best value drill press available for smaller jobs.


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Best Drill Press WoodworkingJET J-2530 15-Inch 3/4-Horsepower 115-Volt Bench Model Drill Press

Although not in the same price range as some of the other tools reviewed here. This model, perhaps top rated bench-top drill press on the market.

The cast iron head sports a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly in an enclosed quill that provides for longer life of the mechanism.

It has a large steel column for maximum stability and a tilting work table for angled drilling.

The sixteen spindle speeds allow great variability to get just the right amount of energy for each task. Simple yet powerful, this top model is a favorite among experienced woodworkers.


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DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch

When size and power are what you need, this top rated drill press can provide both.

The 10-amp motor comes with overload protection electronics to prevent damage to the unit under heavy use.

The moveable feed handles to free either side of the machine. Also the self-feed coolant tank allowing the operator to regulate flow of coolant during use.

Its four-inch drill travel capability can accommodate projects of all sizes and its motor height adjustment feature allows for greater range of accessory compatibility.

It comes with a safety chain, height adjustment tool, quick-change keyed chuck and a box for storing the accessories.

Made for years of reliable service, this is a tool suitable for the serious hobbyist or hard-working professional.


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Best drill press woodworking – Recommedations

Whether your projects include home improvement or furniture design, stained glass or jewelry repair, there is a drill press available that will help you complete your tasks with greater speed and accuracy than you are likely ever to achieve using a hand drill.

If you are a hobbyist or into jewellery making then the Drill post that fits the need would be the:

SE 97511MDP 3-Speed Mini Drill Press Bench for Jewelers & Hobbyists

For the woodworker upgrading or will require a great deal of use and power out of the drill post then one of the two top rated drill posts will meet that requirement:

DEWALT DWE1622K 2-Speed Magnetic Drill Press, 2-Inch

JET J-2530 15-Inch 3/4-Horsepower 115-Volt Bench Model Drill Press

Some experts recommend buying the best drill press woodworking with a little more power than you think you will use. Because once you get the hang of it, you will almost certainly find many more applications. Other than you expected that allow you to put your drill press to work.


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