Which Drill Bit for Wood – Review

Which Drill Bit for Wood


Which Drill Bit for Wood, skill and experience inform woodworkers of such details as which drill bit for wood will deliver the best results. people are drawn to woodworking because it offers the opportunity to partner creativity with craftsmanship. Creativity drives the types of projects that craftsmen choose to tackle. .

Since drilling holes is something that is necessary in almost every type of woodworking project, the latter decision of which bit to use to do the drilling is sometimes as important as the very project itself.

What is an Auger?

While there are several different types of bits used to drill wood, the two most common are the spade bit and the auger bit.

Each has its rightful place in a woodworker’s shop, but many craftsmen are still confused about the differences between them.

Simply put, spade bits have more of a scraping edge than a cutting edge, so they scrape the wood to make the hole.

Spade bits are efficient and bore through wood quickly, but they do a poor job of clearing the wood chips out of the bore hole and they often fray the entry and exit holes, giving an untidy appearance to the project.

An auger bit, by comparison, has a sharp cutting edge that bores clean, precise holes for a smooth cut with a tidy finish.

Augers also have a deep, wide flighting that channels the cut pieces up and out of the hole, eliminating the need to periodically remove the bit and clean the hole.

To understand what is an auger, many people can easily visualize the types of augers used to dig post holes for fences or very extensive holes for oil wells.

The bits used in woodworking employ the same principles. Auger bits are useful in most any application where clearing the shavings or debris out of the hole is important.

This action allows for deep holes to be cut into or through a piece of wood without causing the bit to bind or get stuck.

Many wood auger bits also have a guide screw on the tip which serves to draw the bit into the wood, allowing the craftsman to use less force to get the bit through the hole.

Traditional woodworkers who specialize in hand-powered tools particularly value auger bits when using a brace to drill holes.

A brace is a manual tool that has a knob at the top and a U-shaped crankshaft that the woodworker rotates to drive the bit.

Auger bits for brace drilling make it possible for woodworkers to drill holes without needing to use a great deal of force

Best Wood Auger Bits

Choosing the best wood auger bits for your needs will depend on factors such as the width and depth of the holes you need to drill, how much speed matters to you and how long you expect the blade to last.

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Following are reviews explaining the features and benefits of some of the finer auger bits available for woodworking.

Which Drill Bit for WoodSpeedbor 1877239 Irwin Tools Max Wood Drilling Bits, 4-Inch, 6-Piece 

This quality set has bits that feature three cutting spurs so the bits cut faster and stay sharp longer than those with a single spur.

The shanks of these bits are of medium length at four inches, and they come in six different sizes.

The screw-point tip pulls the blades through the wood and the quick-change shank is compatible with both quick-change and standard chucks.


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BQLZR 16/20/25/30/35mm Professional Carbide Boring Drill Bit Woodworker Wood Hole Saw Drilling Auger Carbide Kit 

This inexpensive hinge boring bit set has five standard sizes of bits with precision ground blades that resharpen easily for extended use.

These bits are great for boring out existing holes and are especially useful for boring concealed hinges and door locks.

Appropriate for use in a drill press or handheld drill, this set is a worthwhile addition to any woodworking shop.


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Which Drill Bit for WoodIRWIN Tools Speedbor Max Wood Drilling Bits, 6-Inch length, 10-Piece (1801022) 


  • Ten convenient wood auger bit sizes.
  • This quality kit offers bits with three cutting spurs.
  • Faster, cleaner holes.
  • Extended drilling life.

The shafts are six inches in length and the tapered. Tri-flute design means these bits remove wood chips faster with less binding.

The full screw-point tip guides the bit accurately into the wood. The quick-change shank reduces slippage in standard chucks.Compatible with all one-fourth inch quick-change chucks, including those used in impact drills.

The kit comes with a convenient zippered storage case.


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Which Drill Bit for WoodTruePower 09-0279 Wood Boring Stubby Auger Bit Set (6 Piece) 

Therefore stubby auger bits are ideal for getting into tight spaces.

They are appropriate for soft and hard woods.

Because auger bits work well in a drill press. Certainly the lead screw makes them useful for handheld drills. Reducing the amount of pressure needed to get the work done.


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Speedbor 1877240 Irwin Tools Max Wood Drilling Bits, 4-Inch, 5-Piece 

Another Speedbor set, this one features five standard wood auger bit sizes with shanks that are four inches in length.

Offering the familiar Speedbor advantages: 

  1. Three cutting edges.
  2. Tapered, tri-flute design. t
  3. Medium length shanks. 
  4. Versatile and appropriate for many applications.
  5. These are high quality bits at a reasonable price.

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Which Drill Bit for Wood – Conclusion

Choosing Which Drill Bit for Wood projects when you understand the features and benefits of different types of bits.

Because auger bits preference for clean cuts. Also able to bore deep or wide holes with ease.

Choosing auger bits for brace drilling,  ensure the shank of the bit will match the chuck on your brace.


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