Protective Woodworking Apron

A good Protective Woodworking Apron is a an excelent method of keepingProtective Woodworking Apron your protected from workshop dust and dirt.

History of Waxed Canvas

Waxed Canvas has a  history back to the mid sixteenth century. British sailors began waterproofing sails with linseed oil to make them efficient. Weather-resistant garments were made from old sails to wear at sea. Today, people seeking alternatives to leather, waxed canvas is once again becoming the vogue.

  • Time-tested Durability
  • Retro Aesthetic
  • Water resistant
  • Wears in, not out

So the material used by the sailors is a good protection material to use in the workshop.

If it is waxed there are recommended ways of keeping it in good use and repair.

Should you wish to re-wax the product the following procedure is the one to follow:

  • Ensure the garment is clean and dry
  • Use Otter Wax, Martexin Wax, or other fabric wax.
  • Lay apron on a flat work surface.
  • Apply the wax sparingly use soft, lint-free cotton cloth or brush
  • Spread the wax uniformly.
  • Work it into the fabric in a circular motion.
  • Use hair dryer to heat waxed fabric facilitating a smooth and thorough application.
  • Do not coat the surface too thickly, it will not be able to absorb it all.
  • Seams and worn areas will need more wax.
  • Wipe off excess wax, hang the garment to dry in a warm, well-ventilated area
  • The next day, wipe off any excess oil not absorbed
  • Apply more wax to any area that appear shiny or dry
  • Note – You may notice a waxy odour. It will air out after a few days. Placed in a freezer overnight can also remove the odour.

The following five reviews to give you some insight into the benefits of workshop aprons:


Arsenal 5700 Torso Length Work Tool Apron, 16-Pockets

This product is designed for the onsite worker having the knowledge of the tools that will be needed. The 16 pocket tool apron is manufactured with 14 oz heavy duty abrasive resistant  canvas. Also included are two hammer loops.

The need to carry so many tools the product needs to be adjustable for a comfortable fit.


Waist and shoulder straps:

28inch to 52inch (71cm to 147cm) fitting a large variety sizes.

This gives you mobility with the short length to bend, kneel and manoeuvre in the work space.


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Rugged Tools Work Apron – Heavy Duty Canvas Shop Apron with Tool Pockets for Men, Women, Woodworker, Carpenter, Mechanic, or Machinist

This product is manufactured from rip resistant cotton canvas, reinforced stitching including metal grommets and rivets. This protects your clothes from grease and grime.

With adjustable cross back straps allowing for height, the long straps permit a fit up to 50 inch waist.

The Apron has 11 tool pockets:


  • Two pen/pencil slots.
  • Mobile phone pocket.


  • Two hand pockets.
  • Four Tool Slots.
  • Large open pocket.
  • Large flap closure pocket.

All pockets have webbing reinforcement at the bottom, protection against tears from instruments/sharp tops.

The product is an unisex design so suitable for the whole family.


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Bcoxan Woodworking Apron, Shop Apron with Protective Gloves and Glasses, 20 OZ Waxed Canvas Work Apron, Magnetic Tool Apron

The Bcoxan Woodworking Apron is manufactured from 20 oz Waxed Canvas. The latest Protective Woodworking Apronimprovement includes a magnetic strip. That provides you to hold screws and nails for easy application when assembling projects.


The large pockets, 7” x 7” will hold tools and have flaps to help illuminating the incursion of dust and dirt. A strong loop is provided to hold a hammer if required. A chest pocket, 8” x 5”, is provided to hold a pencil, cellphone or screwdriver for east access.

The Apron, its Width 27” x 34” Tall and is adjustable to accommodate up to a 50” waist. The shoulder pads are removable to ensure you a comfortable fit.

Included Features:

  • Cut resistant Gloves.
  • Protective Head Glass.
  • Leather Buckle Cross Back Straps.
  • Snap Fit Connection.
  • Leather Hanging Loop.
  • Chest Pocket, 15.5” x 6.8”.
  • Magnetic Pocket.
  • Kangaroo Style Pocket 15” x 6.8”.
  • 2 Big Tool Pockets 7.8” x 6.8”.
  • Two Side Hanging Loops.
  • Clean and Care:


  • Machine Wash.
  • Hot Water.
  • Bleach or Detergents.
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Scrub Aggressively.


  • Spot Cleaning with a damp cloth.
  • To deep clean when required use Castile Soap and lukewarm water after air dry.
  • To re-wax a worn area, use a fabric wax and a hair dryer to apply heat.


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Waxed Canvas Woodworking Apron M-XL Shop Apron with Double Stitching, Pockets and Comfy Design – Work Apron Protects and Keeps Clothing Clean – Brown Adjustable Waxed Canvas Apron

This Work Apron has been designed not only to protect you and your clothing from the workshop environment. Also provides pockets to hold the small handy implements used in the workshop.The pockets fitted with a flap prevents them filling with dust and debris.


  • Work Safe and Protected.
  • Keeps Essential Tools ready at hand.
  • Professional Looking.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Tuckable Pocket Flaps.
  • Two Chest Pockets.

Attention to detail.

Apron Care.

  • Brush, shake off Dirt.
  • Use Cold water to sponge spots off.
  • If tough stains use small amounts of soap.
  • Air Dry.

N.B. Dry cleaning, machine washing.and washing in hot or warm water removes the wax finish.


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Hudson Durable Goods – Woodworking Edition – Waxed Canvas Apron (Brown) – Padded Straps, Quick Release Buckle, 

The Hudson Apron is a manufactured of quality 16 oz rugged waxed canvas that is waterProtective Woodworking Apron resistant. Double stitch tool pockets with thick hems for durability and strength.

Remove padding from cross back straps to prevent neck pain. The apron gives a good cover as its width 27 inches by 34 inches tall. There is adjustments on the grommets, buckle and long straps to accommodate up to a 50 inch waist.

The easy access pockets in the front have protactive dust flaps and will accommodate a carpenters’s square. Other pockets and loops will take other items, cell phone, pencil,  hammer and rivets.

Therefore to maintain your apron in prime condition observe the following:


  • Machine Wash.
  • Clean with warm or hot water.
  • Clean with solvents, bleach or detergents.
  • Dry Clean.
  • Tumble Dry.
  • Aggressive scrubbing.


  • Brush/Shake off saw dust, grit or dirt.
  • Sponge or Hose with cold water only.
  • Cleaning dirty spots, use cold water and castile soap.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove the soap.
  • Dry in a warm area, 24 hours.


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Protective Woodworking Apron

The review above will inform you what is possible in range of Protective Woodworking Apron, I included the Arsenal 5700 Torso Length Work Tool Apron for those who also work on sites away from your workshop and though have a kit of tools close in a pick-up. It is more convenient to possibly complete the job without having to walk some distance to get a needed tool.