What are the best sharpening stones

What are the best sharpening stonesSharpening Stones

Were you aware that a dull edge is a dangerous edge!  What are the best sharpening stones to rectify that dull edge

Most people aren’t aware of that simple fact and run an enormous risk every time they use a sharp instrument.

Learning how to use a sharpening stone could prevent an accident in your shop. Once you know how to use a whetstone, you’ll want to know which one you’ll want to include among your most valuable tools.

What is the best sharpening stone for honing chisels and plate iron blades? We’ll review five different sharpening stones and whetstones, which will help you choose the proper stone to fit your needs.

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King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base

Choosing the right whetstone can make sharpening your tools easier.

The King Combination Stone includes a base to hold the stone in place while you work and is specially designed to remove nicks and dull edges to give you a polished edge finish.

This is a two sided, Japanese waterstone featuring a 1000 grit surface on one side and a 6000 grit surface on the other.

This combination allows you to both sharpen and hone your blades simply by turning over the stone and replacing it in the base as needed.

• Two sided stone allows both sharpening and honing
• Lubricated with water and not oil, so there is no clogging

• Grit isn’t coarse enough if you need to re-profile a blade

Overall, unless you’re blades are severely damaged and need to be re-profiled, this stone is an ideal combination for every day sharpening and honing of your blades.


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kota-japan-doubleKota Japan Double Sided Diamond Water Stone 3000 / 8000.


Professional Quality for Ultra-Sharpness and Extended Blade Life for Your Favorite Cutlery

These two stones in one are some of the finest Japanese honing stones you can buy. The rubber base helps the stone stay in place no matter whether you are using the 3000 grit side or the 8000 grit side of the stone.

It comes with a no questions asked 30 day guarantee as well.

• Fine particles for polishing and honing
• It doesn’t disintegrate with use
• Non-slip holder makes sharpening easier

• Will not sharpen a dull knife
• Stone is actually corundum and does not have diamond particles in it

These are true Japanese honing stones that must be soaked for a minimum of five minutes before used and need to remain moist throughout sharpening.

Because of their finer grit, they are not meant to sharpen a dull knife. Be aware that you are honing and not sharpening if you purchase this product.


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norton-kitNorton Waterstone Starter Kit: 220/1000 grit stone, 4000/8000 grit stone, SiC flattening stone

Having made the Arkansas wet stone, which was an oil stone, Norton is now making a waterstone that follows the Japanese tradition.

This kit includes two, double sided stones of four different grit densities in hinged cases with rubber, non-slip feet, a course carbide flattening stone, and both written and video instructions on how to use a sharpening stone.

• Grit range allows you to repair a damaged blade
• Does not need oil
• Carbide stone to flatten sharpening surface

• Stones need flattening out of the box
• Not natural stones



The best part of this package is that it provides a wide range of grits for re-profiling dull tools.

Another advantage is the included video on how to use a whetstone, which is great for beginners.

There does seem to be some drawbacks when it comes to stone flatness, which may be the reason they include the flattening stone in the kit.


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yoshihiro-professionalYoshihiro Professional Grade Toishi Japanese Whetstone Knife Sharpener Water Stones 3PC SET

This is a set of three professional grade Japanese honing stones. The set includes 1,000, 3000 and 8000 grit stones in individual wooden bases as well as conditioning stones for the 3,000 and 8,000 grit stones.

• Larger stone dimensions for a wider variety of uses and more even sharpening
• Individual stones for uses from repairing damage to razor edge

• No instructions for use included in the kit
• Won’t repair badly damaged blades

This set of stones are going to set you back a little more cash than most others, but these are higher quality stones, which will provide the quality cutting edge that you require for your tools.

Before use, these stones will need to be submerged in water until bubbles no longer appear.


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dmt-w6efc-three-6-inchDMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models in Hard Wood Box


These durable, diamond surfaces stones can be used wet or dry, but never with oil.

The three stones in 325, 600 and 1200 mesh surfaces come in a hardwood box with rubber feet to prevent slipping during use.

The set has an unconditional, replacement guarantee.

• Can be used wet or dry
• Can repair damaged edges
• Sharpen more quickly

• Smaller surface may pose a challenge for sharpening evenly
• Wooden case is of poor quality and doesn’t hold the stones in place

Depending upon how they are used, these stones will provide the quality you need for sharpening your tools.

The fact that you don’t have to soak them means that you can start sharpening more quickly than with waterstones.


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Conclusion – What is the best sharpening stone?

I think that it is safe to say that the advantage of the waterstones over an Arkansas wet stone, which requires an additional purchase of oil, gives them a slight edge.

Where the diamond surfaces might be better for knives, they seem to be a little bit small for sharpening tools like chisels.

Maintaining the flatness of the stone should be a major concern, especially when using the finer grit stones.

Essentially, you’ll get what you pay for. Higher end stones will give you a better edge and last longer, where lower end stones might work fine for someone who doesn’t use them a great deal.

Whichever stone or stones you choose, always remember that a dull edge is a dangerous edge. Keep your edges sharp.