Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking

Best hand sander for wood

Best Random Orbital Sander for WoodworkingThe best random orbital sander for woodworking, a versatile tool as it can be used on a variety of materials. Wood, plastic and metals. It gives a range of uses from stock removal to a smooth finish.

The backing disk is a round item to which the sanding disc is attached. The two common types of sanding are with sticky backing. This allows the abrasive disk to be stuck to the backing and then when changing it peels off.

The other method is the use of a hook-and-loop, similar to the Velcro system. This has the benefit that disks can be changed easy and quickly.

If the handheld power sander for wood has variable speed, Because that is a bonus giving more control on the sanding operation. The amount of material removal will depend on the grit  used. Also the pressure applied by the operator. Sufficient not to slow the unit down, it will ultimately burn out.

Precautions must be taken as even with units having dust and debris collection systems. Because there is no guarantee that it will be all collected. So goggles and face protection is advisable. Because breathing in dust is an abrasive to the breathing system.

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Following is the top five disk sanders:


SKIL 7492-02 2.8 Amp 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander With Pressure Control

Best Random Orbital Sander for WoodworkingThe Skill unit is a 5 inch Orbit Sander using a Pressure Control Technology system. Using 2.8 Amps and giving 12,500 Operations per minute.

It has a built in Vacuum dust port incorporating a clear Micro Filtration Dust Canister. The operating switch is dust sealed and a pad brake.

Included in the cost price are three sanding disks.
The unit is made in China.


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Goplus Electric HandHeld Drywall Sander 710W Variable Speed with Vacuum & LED Light

  • The Goplus unit is a comparative new product on the market. But for the early purchasers there has been a very good reception.
  • It is promoted as a Handheld for Sanding Drywall with electric sander and the best sander for walls.
  • The built in Self suction function to reduce the amount of sanding dust. It uses 7 inch disks and has 6 grit disks supplied with the purchase.
  • Its Speed is between 800 – 2400 revs/min and a variable speed control.
  • Is lightweight and easy to use so fatigue is reduced so allows more continuous use.
  • The power rating is 710 watts and is 110 volt system.
  • Drywall sanding pads are avaialable


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Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander with Carrying Bag, 5-Inch, Blue


The Bosch name recognised in the woodworking profession a well designed product.

This random orbital disk sander has all the latest refinements to give the user confidence in the purchase.

A variable speed control using 2.5 amp, 7,500 to 12,000 operations per minute. This permits the operator to select the correct operating speed for the job in hand.

The soft microcellular backing pad allows to sand contoured surfaces.  The abrasive disk is attached using the hook-and-loop system. To be certain of a good fixing there are over 35,000 long-life hooks.

The filtering dust canister system is for filtering, dust and particles down to 1/2 a micron. With the possibility of a vacuum hose adapter. The dust canister is durable and displays the level dust trapped and an easy twist off unit.

Included in the purchase a carrying case for easy transportation to include any extras needed for the job in hand.


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Makita GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander

Makita a well recognised name and the disk sander. Some very good features, having a 440 watt powerful motor delivering 4,500 revs/minute for efficient fast sanding.

For long life it has needle and ball bearing in the construction. For comfort in use there is an Ergonomic soft handle grip. To allow the operator at ease with the product.

For extra protection and safety the unit is double insulate. The exterior design uniquely well-defined to make the unit a pleasure to work with.

The following also included in the purchase:

  • Abrasive disk.
  • Plastic pad.
  • Side handle. 
  • Hexagon wrench.


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Metabo SXE 450 TurboTec 350 Watt Electronic Disc Sander

This product a very expensive model. Compared with the average top rated orbital sanders. Has some out of the ordinary features that make it worth considering.

The unit designed to be lightweight but tough and rigid. Using magnesium, plastics and other materials. The feature of this combination is the tool.  Designed to be very low in vibration, not tiring the operator in use.

Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking

The bearings are a combination of ball and roller to give the product an extended life span. The sander has dual orbit setting one at 1/8 inch and the other at 1/4 inch, for fine finish or fast wood removal.

The machine Obits from 8,400 to 22,000 per minute. Dust collection system has collection bags and collects through punched hole grit disk.  Minimising the amount of dust circulating the work surface.

The unit also has variable speed control and auto-stop brushes.


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Best random orbital sander for woodworking

When selecting new hand sanders for wood it is necessary to look at the various options that are available.

Therefore to be the best hand sander for wood or the best rate orbital sander. The cost will be considered the best handheld sander for the money is essential. The best hand held sander for woodworking is the Metabo SXE 450 TurboTec 350 Watt Electronic Disc Sander. Because the most expensive it can only be justified if the projects need exceptional quality finish.
Should an Orbital sander be needed. The Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbit Sander with Carrying Bag, 5-Inch, Blue is a very good tool.
The Makita GV5010 5-Inch Disc Sander also a good hand sander for wood. But doesn’t have the orbital action.


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