Wood Moisture Meter

A Wood Moisture Meter is an invaluable tool for the woodWood Moisture Meter craftsman  or for the house builder/repairer. 

The wooworkerhas to know if the wood project he is ablout to undertake is suitable. If it is a turning project the wood has to have some moisture otherwise the resultant operation will not hold together. So a moisture tester for the wood to be turned can inform the wood turner if its ok to go ahead with the project. 

When maing funiture the woodworker can know from experience how much wood will shrink. So that drawers and doors will not distort and become unusable. When is comes to repairing ancient furniture it will be necessary to match the moisture content of the woods.

A builder can use the meter to find where the damp areas in a house can make mould appear and be a health hazard. 

Included in the list of moisture meters reviewed a soil moisture meter has been include for those of you are ardent flower growers. 

Classy Casita, Soil Meter & eBook, Plant Soil Moisture Tester Kit for Plant Care

The soil tester can be used to test soil in the home, garden or the farm.            

I expect there are many of you are interested in the best of their house plants or the plants in a greenhouse.

Pot plants can be a problem in the modern  home with central heating or air conditioning.

Pot plant follow:

S1 – Insert the meter’s probe vertical into the soil of your pot. With a large pot get the probe down to root level. With a small pot only go half way into the soil.

S2 – Adjust the probe position to get the dial pointer swings slightly.

S3 – When the pointer is stable you will be able to read the moisture level.

S4 – On removing the probe wipe it clean ready for the next use.

S5 – It is advisable to take a few readings in different positions in your pot plant to verify your moisture content.

Accuracy of this meter measures the wetness level between 1 – 10. Level 1 indicates the soil is very dry.

Level 10 the soil is very wet.

Plant left in this condition would be unable to tolerate these two extremes for very long.

An eBOOK is supplied by email to your inbox. This will provide you with information how and when to water your favourite plants.

Not suitable to test liquids, it is designed only for soil testing.

Included in your purchase is an 18 month WARRANTY.

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Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter Handheld LCD Moisture Tester Damp Moisture Tester Detector

This meter is very good for measuring moisture content in paper, cardboard, firewood, logs and wood.

Withe the two pins it has it can measure wood with an accuracy less than ±0.5% in a range of 0-99.9%.

There are 4 ranges of wood to select which include approx. 50 species of them.making the measurement more accurate.

The results are displayed on a large HD LCD. There is a function to hold the result allowing you to to note the results. Also there is an auto switch off to save battery power and a low battery display.

Operation of the Meter:

  • 1. Remove the pins protective cap off the meter and press  the Power  button.
  • 2. Press Mode to select th wood group you want to test.
  • 3 Push the pins into the wood being tested.When the reading is stable press Hold button and then you can view the Recording.
  • 4. Press the Power button to shut the meter off. If you forget meter will Auto power of in fifteen minutes.

Wood group Table:

  • A – Rubber, Teak, Walnut and Afromosis.
  • B – White Popular, Kenuing and Beech.
  • C – Elm, Fir,  Ash and Maple.
  • D – Larch, Pine, Birch and Basswood.

It also has many other uses :

Such as:

  • Concrete Wall.
  • Lime Wall.
  • Plaster Wall.
  • Brick Brick.

Package Contents;

  • Digital LCD Wood Meter.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Battery.


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Wood Moisture Meter – Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester

This moisture detector has two pins that can be used to Wood Moisture Meter detect the level of moisture present in walls, masonry and wood surfaces. A very good tool for detecting possibles leaks and damp areas in the home. Which if untreated can cause the eventual product of mould that can be a health problem.

For the woodworker it is essential to know the moisture content of the various types of wood.That could be essential when certain projects are produced. Woodturners need to know the moisture content for the piece to be turned. Different woods can have different moisture content even though they are stored in similar locations.

This is multifunction  super sensitive meter to the dampness of a variety of building materials such as:

Laminate flooring.

Behind sheetrock plywood.

The meter has a Backlit LED screen with a reading hold feature to Freeze the reading. The display can be set to C/F and it shuts off automatically after ten minutes.

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General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector, Moisture Tester, Pin Type

An essential tool for anyone woking in the building or woodworking trade.

I the house it is used to check damaged areas to determine if it due to moisture. Any damp patches should be investigated to repair and stop any health problems due to the formation of mould.

To get an accurate reading on the meter insert the two stainless steel pins into the product you want to measure. The LCD display has 8 mm digits high which also colour change to give an indication of the level of moisture present.

  • Green – Low.
  • Yellow – Medium.
  • Res – High.

There is also a freeze function to hold the reading, will also power off should you forget to turn off the unit and a low power indicator.

Items included:

  • Extra stainless steel pins.
  • 9 volt battery.
  • Protective cap – doubles as a calibration checker.

Moisture measurement.

  • Wood scales:
  • 5 to 11.9% low.
  • 12 to 15.9% medium.
  • 20 to 33% high.

Product details:


  • 6.0 x 2.6 x 0.8 inches.
  • Weight 3 ounces.
  • 9 volt battery.

100% customer service provided.

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Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter 

The Pinless Klein moisture meter tool is designed to be a Wood Moisture Meter non-destructive detector. It will detect moisture’s content up to 3/4” deep in the material under test.

The meter can be set with the mode button to the type of material to be tested. This can be drywall, masonry, softwood and hardwood. Then result is simple viewed with LED bar graph and a bright reverse contrast display.

The Meter has the following features:

  • Display Hold.
  • Low power indicator.
  • Auto power off if left unused.
  • Can withstand being dropped 6.6 foot (2 m.).
  • Battery included 9 volt.
  • Instruction Manual.

Klein Tools is an American company that has been in the hand tools for a great many years. Making premier tools of a professional grade to deliver durance, precision and performance.

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