Buying a Wood Lathe – Review

Taking up the hobby of wood turning and you are considering Buying a Wood Lathe there are many considerations to think about and the following are some of them:

Also what can I make with it.
● Are there many different models.
● What do they cost.
● First time user what is the best beginner lathe.
● How to use a wood lathe.

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Therefore, the following five wood turning lathes are examples of the range available:

Excelsior Mini Lathe a very good lathe for you to learn the skills of wood turning. Also there is a bed extension available to provide you with more scope.

Certainly a recommended hobbyist lathe, so keeping to the limitations of the lathe.


Because the weak motor not up to heavy rough turning actions.

Furthermore the power cable is flimsy for power delivery

Another difficulty lining up the extension due to only two fixing bolt holes.

Setting Instructions rather unclear.

Conclusion, seems like a reasonable machine providing you certainly only light turning.

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Nova 71118 Comet II – Midi Lathe Flexible Woodworking System, 12”, Powerful Electronic 3/4 HP variable speed

As a result of having a powerful motor electronically  controlled variable speed range of 250/4000 rpm.

Consequently this gives the Nova as a result great flexibility also with the forward and reverse switch.

Furthermore having 12 inch swing and 16.5 inch between centres. Also expandable with a bed extension accessory to 42 inches.

Even more features:

Spur-drive centre.

3” Faceplate.

6” Tool rest.

Live Tailstock Cetre.

Parts breakdown Manual.

Lathe hand-wheel unit.


Replacement motor 1 year.

5 year Full all other parts replacement.

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Mophorn 10 x 18 Inch Wood Lathe Bench Top Heavy Duty Wood Lathe Stepless Speed Regulation Digital Display

Power unit – Fitted with a powerful motor delivering 550 watts. Also having variable speed and digital readout to set correct working speed.

Work dimensions:

Swing over bed 10 inches.

Between centres 18 aches.

6 inch tool rest.

Face plate 3 inches.

Top drive

Live centre.

Construction Cast iron fitted  rubber feet  consequently – smooth operation hence increase stability.

Most noteworthy, all gears and shafts are hardened and ground to provide even more long life and mute operation.

Because Electronic units of high quality are used. As a result the lathe is suitable for use in:




Education establishments.

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WEN 3420T 8 in. x 12 in. Variable Speed Benchtop Mini Wood Lathe

Certainly the WEN mini bench top wood lathe is probably best suitable for small workpieces. Such as pens and chess figures.

So the adjustable speed variable from750-3200 rpm.

Also included is a 5 inch face plate for non spindle work and 12 inch long spindle work.


2 ampere motor.

MT1 spindle.

Tailstock Taper.

Two interchangeable tool rests.

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Delta Industrial 46-460 12-1/2-Inch Variable-Speed Midi Lathe

First of all this lathe incorporates  a 1 hp motor with a speed of 1,725 rpm. Furthermore an electronic speed variable with a 3 pulley range of speeds, so that the speed for a project easily matched.

Also to achieve superior finish, therefore, a reversing function is incorporated .

The belt tensioning for quick, easy speed changes is patented. Consequently the tension set to deliver maximum power to prolong tool life.

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What Products to Make?

Buying a Wood Lathe what to make

This could determine the type of lathe to be consider from the range of lathes on offer.

To produce spindle type products such as legs for chairs a long bed machine.

For turning bowls and the like a large clearance be tween the centre line of rotation to the bed of the machine.

And should both facilities are require the lathe would need to be a large tool.

Different models

There are two main types a bench top wood lathe and a free standing model, both come in different sizes.

From miniature designed to produce very small components to the very large professional woodworkers lathe that can handle both long spindle work to bowl tuning projects.

Cost of Buying a Wood Lathe

The price range for wood lathes is large and can be purchase from a relative moderate price to a very expensive one.

So Buying a Wood Lathe it is wise to investigate the features of the lathes. That are in the price range considered to be invested in this purchase.

Buying a Wood Lathe – Beginners problems

Above all when buying a wood lathe consider the following 

The desire for a beginner to try another avenue of woodworking such as wood turning can be difficult.

Reading all the literature is a good start but it much better to have some hands on a machine to reassure the beginner it is the answer.

There could be clubs locally that are prepared to teach woodturning, these will give the beginner and insight what is involved.

How to use a lathe

 The following you tube video is a very good illustration of one aspect of it.

The video is quite long but is well worth the time spent:


Choice of wood

Besides repair or original determines the choice of wood

The previous video showed how to produce a chair or table leg in detail.

This is using a soft wood but could also be a hard wood.

The other type of lathe wood is to produce bowls and platters, this of course requires the use of a chuck.

Here the turning procedures require a different approach and also other types of woodturning chisels.

The power of the lathe.  Ability to have a range of wood lathe turning speeds.  Also a consideration when buying a wood lathe.

The following video gives an explanation of some of the basics of bowl turning:

 Watch the above video to give an insight what can be produced using a wood turning lathe.

The following video that follows details the description of how to produce a box.

This also requires some chisel procedures, once learned probably applied to other procedures.

Buying a Wood Lathe turned-box3-wp

 Also what type of chisels are required for the different type wood turning to be undertaken. Because whatever you buy the best that you can afford.

Another consideration is safety. Due to wood chips leaving the cutting operation at speed. So protection for the eyes is important.

Also recommend full face mask. For the reason that breathing in wood dust is also a hazard.

Ear defenders are an option. Therefore will only be required if the lathe cutting action is noisy.

Gloves are not required as they can be danger. For the reason that if caught in the revolving material and so cause untold injury.

Buying a Wood Lathe – Conclusion

Consider carefully the operations undertaken on a wood turning lathe. Therefore purchase the best wood lathe for the money available.

The type of wood lathe while it be table top wood lathe or in contrast. Because if there is sufficient space in the workshop a free standing model.

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