What is the Best Saw for Cutting Wood – Five Saw review

What type of saw to cut wood

Saws and their uses

What is the Best Saw for Cutting WoodThere are large variety of hand saws for woodworking, but what is the best saw for cutting wood?



To answer that it is necessary to understand the types of carpentry saws. What is their uses and how they perform the task when used.

Different types of saws and their uses.


The Rip Cut Saw


A Rip Cut Saw cuts along the grain of the wood and to maintain a straight cut. To achieve this the teeth of the saw have a tooth shape design for that specific purpose.


The tooth front edge is flat and angled about 8 degrees backward. Besides, sharpen at right angles to the plane of cut.

Because with this configuration the rip saw is able to maintain a straight cut. Therefore even though the grain of the piece being cut is not parallel to the line of the cut.


Cross Cut Saw


A Cross cut saw is as the name implies is set up to cut wood effectively at right angles to the grain of the wood.This is obtained by sharping the teeth of the saw in a different configuration.The teeth of the saw are angled back about 15 degrees and are cut at an angle.


This means that the teeth of the saw have to be sharpened in a set procedure. Because the saw cuts straight across the grain.

Most importantly sharpen the teeth from one side on every other tooth. Then turning the saw round in the clamping arrangement. The unsharpened teeth are now filed in the same manner as previous done on the first side.

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Following is five of the best hand saws for woodworking:


What is the Best Saw for Cutting Wood Stanley 15-334 15-Inch Blade Length x 9 Points Per Inch SharpTooth Saw


  •  A saw blade length of 15 inches and a tooth set of 9 points/inch.
  • Because induction hardened teeth make them remain sharp 3-5 times longer, than  unhardened teeth.
  • Will cut 50% faster by use of a three sided tooth design.
  • The hardwood handle design will make it possible to use wearing gloves for comfort by having a large hand opening.
  • Will cut plastic pipe without problem.


Not possible to return the product, there is a policy of not honouring returns.

Because the saw has a lifetime limited warranty for the original purchaser against material and workmanship deficiencies.


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IRWIN Tools MARATHON 2011204 20-inch ProTouch Coarse Cut Saw


  • The Tri-Ground teeth give a fast and efficient saw-cut.
  • Therefore, sharpened teeth to cut in the push and pull direction. Besides, providing speed, fine finish and easier cut start.
  • The ergonomically designed hardwood handle provides comfort and durability.
  • To give fast chip removal the saw has deep gullets.
  • To provide control and rigidity the blade has thick body.
  • A 45 and 90 degree markings are built in.
  • The handsaw is lighter then many standard handsaws providing low hand fatigue.


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What is the Best Saw for Cutting WoodGreat Neck SS208 20-Inch Aggressive Tooth Hand Saws- Wood Handle


  • This model of Great Neck has a high carbon steel blade.
  • A 20 inch saw and electronically hardened precision teeth.
  • Nine point aggressive teeth an efficient fast cutting saw.
  • A dark stained selected hardwood carved handle.
  • The design of the handle gives the user a superior cutting angle.
  • The handle has a 45/90 degree profile.
  • Besides the saw is protection packed in individual sleeves.


Customer reviews make excellent reading and there is only 4 and 5 star ratings.


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What is the Best Saw for Cutting WoodGreat Neck N2610 26-Inch Hand Saw-Wood Handle and Chrome Nickel Steel Blade


Because this saw made in traditional fashion quality past saws.


  • The standard of finish that is in comparison with the more expensive saws.
  • Chrome nickel steel blade and a real dark stained hardwood handle.
  • It is best crosscut hand saw with 10 teeth per inch is perfect for aggressive cuts.
  • The blade has sharpened teeth to give greater ability of cut.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • A USA manufactured product.


It has very good reviews and no 1 or 2 Star criticisms.


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What is the Best Saw for Cutting WoodStanley 20-526 15-Inch 12-Point/Inch SharpTooth Saw


  • The welded handle to the blade eliminate the need for screws and ensuring the it will not loosen.
  • The induction hardened teeth make them stay sharp. Therefore keep the cutting action longer  life
  • So the teeth have three surfaces of cut to give a 50% increase in cutting speed.
  • Hence the handle has an ergonomic design to make the saw comfortable to use with a better grip.
  • To protect the blade there is a reusable guard.


Very good reviews and even one critical review, appreciative of the product said: quote “I didn’t expect a great tool for the price.”


It appears that Stanley have produced a very good value product.


See the latest price of Stanley 20-526 15-Inch here…


What is the best saw for cutting wood.


The five different kinds of hand saws reviewed here, all are a good hand saw for cutting wood.

The best hand saw for cutting wood in our consideration is the Stanley 20-526 15-Inch 12-Point/Inch SharpTooth Saw.

It has very good reviews and the price makes it excellent value.

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