Sharpening Tools with a Bench Grinder

Sharpening Tools with a Bench Grinder


Sharpening Tools with a Bench GrinderIf you are looking for a way of saving time and money, then sharpening tools with a bench grinder can save your shop both. This guide is to help you get a handle on which is the best bench grinder for sharpening your tools.


Below are reviews of 5 top bench grinders that are available for purchase. We are certain that through an examination of the features, pros and cons of the products in our list, you will be able to select the best value bench grinder to fit your specific needs.

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WEN 4276 6-Inch Bench Grinder

You can spend a lot of money replacing dull, rusty tools or you can make use of a usa made bench grinder. From cleaning, sharpening blades or deburring ragged edges, the WEN 6-inch Bench Grinder is the ideal companion for any workshop.


This grinder features:

2.1 Amp Motor
• 3450 no load rpm
6” x ¾” wheels (also available in 8”)
• Lightweight design at 16 lbs.
• Work light
• 2 year warranty

• Fits any budget
• Quiet operation
• Low vibration
• Not durable enough for heavy use
• May not be as balanced as more costly models


For lighter duty functions that primarily include sanding, buffing and polishing this unit will do the trick. When it comes to a great deal of precision sharpening, it might not be the best bench grinder for sharpening tools.


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DEWALT DW756 6-Inch Bench Grinder

This industrial cast iron unit provides industrial strength work and precision at an affordable price. Besides being backed by a solid brand name in power tools it can be listed among the top bench grinders on the market.


This grinder includes:

• 5/8 hp motor
• 3450 no load rpm
• Precision aluminum tool rests
• Rear exhaust ports for smoother operation
• 6” wheels
• 3 year warranty


• Precision grinder at an affordable price
• Tool rests are better than typical stamped tool rests
• Can handle heavy workloads
• A little too much vibration
• Some users complained of wobble in the wheels.


Dewalt has an excellent reputation for power tools. This best value bench grinder fits their usual standards.

Dewalt tools are durable and have enough power to get the job done. That sort of commitment to quality is valuable when it comes to power tools. This grinder comes at a decent price when you speak of Dewalt’s quality and commitment.


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POWERTEC BGSS801 Slow Speed Bench Grinder, 8″

When it comes to sharpening tools with a bench grinder lower speeds are better than high speeds. This low speed grinder will help you avoid edge destroying heat and provide you with greater precision.


This grinder features:

• ½ hp motor
• 1725 no load rpm
• Aluminum oxide wheels
• 8” x 1” wheels
• Heavy gauge steel base
• 1 year warranty

• Low speed helps avoid burning edges
• Aluminum oxide wheels run cooler
• 1” wide wheels are better for precision
• Decent quality for a budget price
• Not quite up to snuff for heavier work loads
• Too much pressure will bog it down
• A little bit under powered


This usa made bench grinder is a great match for anyone who wants to precision sharpen tools on an occasional basis. As a heavy duty work horse for industrial use, this unit just doesn’t quite foot the bill.

What is a great benefit, however is the user friendly low speed feature, which keeps a novice user from burning edges and tips on tools.


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Baldor 662R 6-Inch 1/3-Horsepower Industrial Duty Big Red Grinder/Buffer


Baldor is a well known brand name when it comes to top bench grinders and buffers. You might pay a little more for this grinder but its quality is well worth the additional cost.


Here are the included features:

1/3 hp motor
• 3600 no load rpm
• 6” x ¾” wheels
• Two piece tool rests
• Complies with OSHA standards
• 3 year warranty


• Two piece tool rests allow both horizontal and vertical adjustments for greater precision
• Quality engineering and construction avoids wobble and vibration
• Plenty of durability
• Great balance
• High speed grinding can burn tool edges if you’re not careful
• Not offered at a budget price


When it comes to sharpening tools with a bench grinder and sharpening a lot of them, this unit steps up to the task and exceeds it. It is build to last, has flawless balance and runs quiet.

The 1/3 hp motor in this unit runs with greater efficiency than higher rated motors. When it comes to value for the money, you are truly getting what you pay for with the industrial duty Big Red Grinder.


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Craftsman 9-21154 Variable Speed 6-Inch Grinding Center


This variable speed craftsman table grinder is among the best bench grinders on the market today. It’s constructed with Craftsman quality and backed by a well known name in quality tool engineering and construction.

It features:

1/5 hp motor
• 2000 – 3400 variable speed no load rpm
• 6” x ¾” wheels
• Wide clear eye shields
• Wider heavy steel base
• Water cooling tray
• Work light
• 1 year warranty


• Midrange price allows for better features without being too pricey
• Variable speed allows for different types of grinding and buffering applications
• Wider heavier base reduces vibration
• Small, but efficient motor
• Sharpening guides are a little bit flimsy according to some users
• Cooling tray is made of plastic
• Buffing wheel can get bogged down


You might be able to do better than a craftsman table grinder, but not by much. The name brand quality that users have gotten used to with Craftsman tools is built into this unit.

It’s not priced a great deal higher than the other higher end grinders, but that extra price is balanced out by the variable speed feature.


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Conclusion Sharpening Tools with a Bench Grinder


Which is the best bench grinder for sharpening? Your choice will depend upon how you use your bench grinder as well as your budget limit. After reviewing the list of products above, we hope that we’ve helped you to better select the best value bench grinder to fit your needs.