Spokeshave Hand Tool – refurbishing sharpening videos

Introduction to Spokeshave hand tool videos

The Spokeshave hand tool has been in use for many years and though with modern Spokeshave Hand Tooltechnology it still has its uses. Because the object of the videos we are going to display is to introduce you the viewer to some of the various types of Spokeshaves old and modern. 

Therefore there are also some instructional videos on the care and sharpening along with another on manufacturing a honing guide.

Purchasing Advice   by Tom Caspar

Tuning up a cheap Spokeshave

Basic Spokeshave use and sharpening    by Paul Sellers

Spokeshave honing Technique        by Garrett Hack

Manufacturing a Honing guide       by Paul Sellers



Purchasing Advice – Spokeshave Hand Tool

Because its an age old problem whether to purchase a new tool or a use one. This video introduced by Tom Caspar gives an insight into the various types of Spokeshaves old and new. Therefore imparts information on the benefits of the various models.

Tuning up a cheap Spokeshave

Having acquired a cheap tool the immediate problem will it work and give reasonable good results.

Therefore the video takes you through the complete process of taking the tool apart. Besides telling you what to look our for and correct any faults found


Basic Spokeshave use and sharpening

Spokeshave Hand Tool

This video by Paul Sellers demonstrates the various uses of Spokeshaves and how to use it on different types of curves.

At the end of the video shows a simple way of sharpening the cutting blade. Without the use of specialised jigs and obtaining a very sharp edge.

Spokeshave honing Technique

The presenter Garrett Hack demonstrates the technique of honing a spokeshave to get the best use out of your equipment.

Manufacturing a Honing guide

For those of you that prefer to have jig and fixtures this video by Paul Sellers is a very good demonstration, Of making a jig for sharpening the blades of the modern Spokeshave.

Therefore the description is shown in detail and no specialised tools are required. The finished product will give you many years blade sharpening. The contentment that you have made it yourself.

Spokeshave -review refurbishing sharpening videos Spokeshave Hand Tool

This review is designed to inform the reader of the various types of Spokeshaves that are in daily use. Therefore some are old tools and others are the modern version. Both when set up and sharpened correctly can perform excellent results.

Included is sharpening techniques and also the manufacturer of a jig to sharpen modern blades to the correct angle. For the user who relies on jigs to not rely on guesswork when honing the cutting angle. I am sure that there will be a video of interest for someone opening the site.

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