Best Pocket Hole Jigs

Wood joints without nails

A common problem in woodworking is jointing eitherBest Pocket Hole Jigs permanently or having the ability to disassemble if required. Because the best pocket hole jig system is the answer to both situations and has become a very popular method of joining.

Therefore to that end, there has been a selection of jigs produced to enable the process of pocket hole joinery is made easy. Because accuracy achieving good strength without having to use glue unless you the operator desire it.

Therfore it was found necessary to produce a special type of self-tapping screw. Thus  ensuring that the join is made strong and secure for the purpose it is intended.

We have listed five Pocket Hole jig attachments, although the market seems to be dominated by Kreg units. We have therefore found some alternatives in the best selling range to give you an insight into other possibilities.


Kreg KJMICRODGB Jig Micro Drill Guide System

This micro pocket drill jig is designed to permit woodworker to effect a joint on narrow or thinner materials securely. Because is not possible with other Pocket drill guides.

The guide can be used on narrow stock putting two small pocket holes on a stock that is only 1” wide.

Most impotantly thinner materials with this small pocket hole, a 0.75” pan head screw is available. To therefore make a secure joint. On exposed joints, the pocket joint became less noticeable and could quite easily be completely hidden.


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Milescraft 1323 PocketJig200 Kit Best Pocket Hole Jigs


Complete Pocket Hole Kit with Jig, Bit, Screws a Driver system Pocket Hole Drill with Free Classic Clamp. Pocket Hole Screws, and Plugs for Woodworking to Realize The Pocket Hole Connection of Various Woodworking Furniture

The Milescraft 1323 is delivered in a plastic storage case that holds all that you need to perform Pocket hole jointing and repairs.

The following are the benefits and included components in the storage case.

  • For you to measure the thickness of your proposed board there are metric and imperial measuring scales.
  • The jig covers the main board thicknesses, 0.5’, 0.75”, 1.00” and 1.5”, included also is an easy read arrow to set your board thickness to adjust it easily.
  • A Miles craft clamp including magnet clamp to secure the jig to your work piece, this gives accuracy and speed
  • Allowing you to repairs a flip fence permits the jig to be used easily around your workshop or home.
  • The drill bushes are manufactured of hardened steel so that pocket holes are drilled with precision.


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Kreg Jig K4 Master System and Pocket-Hole Screw Kit in 5 Sizes

If you are new to DIY then this system of Pocket Hole joinery. Therefore this K4 Master system is one you should give serious consideration. Because the intention is to perform many fixings.

Besides the design is simple, once you have used the jig.  You will find that it is a good asset to use on your future projects. 

The operation consists of two steps:

  • Because the depth gauges settings are built in
  • A three-hole drill guides
  • And a large clamp recess.

This K4 Jig system includes everything you need:

  • Depth setting gauges built in.
  • Stepped drill bit.
  • 6” square driver.
  • Shroud dust collector.
  • Screw starter set.
  • Plug starter set.
  • DVD skill builder.
  • A guide for a quick start.

All are included in a durable and compact case.


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Kreg DB210 Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine, Blue

This pocket hole machine is for fast automatic drilling of Pocket holes.  Has stops so that on a project that requires repeatable settings to speed up the finished project saving time.

  • The DB210 machine has a 0.5” to 1.5” material clamping facility
  • With stops that are adjustable permitting accuracy to be repeatable.
  • Has a tool-free quick change chuck allowing fast bit changes.
  • The workpiece is clamped drilling the pocket holes when the motor is started in a one-step operation.
  • The unit has a powerful 110 volt, 5 amp, 2800 rpm motor giving accurate fast drilling.


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PORTER-CABLE 560 QUIKJIG Pocket-HoleBest Pocket Hole Jigs Joinery System

With the pocket hole system becoming more popular as a woodworking joinery system. Therefore  Porter-Cable have produced a bench-top model.

One method of joining two pieces of a board is to use biscuits. Therefore has the disadvantage of not being able to disassemble.

The Quikjig model has auto adjusting thickness and depth gauge. Therefore eliminates the need to measure the workpiece and manually setting the tool.

When you set the width stop and clamp the workpiece in the jig to drill the hole. A screw length gauge is integrated to indicate what is the best length of screw to use.

Because the Quickjig is an all-metal construct it has a pre-drilled base to assist you to screw mount or clamp on to your workbench. Besides a dust collection port is at the rear of the jig is compatible with a Porter-Cable dust collector.

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Best Pocket Hole Jig System – Conclusion

The pocket hole system is becoming a popular method of joining wood together without the use of glue and nails. Most importantly you have the added advantage of disassembling if required to transport a large assembly. The units we have listed are what we consider a cross-section without the emphasis on just the semi-automatic units. Because the Poter-Cable unit does require the use of an electric drill. The Kreg DB210 has a drilling unit incorporated in the jig. There are small units for those of you who only want the occasional use of the pocket hole system to work on site to make a repair.

The short following video demonstrates the use of a Pocket Hole unit.