Spokeshave Woodworking Tool – Review

The Spokeshave Woodworking Tool is not a new invention and the Spokeshave Woodworking Tool original tools were wooden made and as the name suggests were designed to shape the spokes of wheels but with technology other products have been invented to mechanically speed up the process.

The spokeshave however has been improved and still has its place in the woodworkers armoury and there are still many who still find there are uses the spokeshave tool can do with pleasing results.

There has been some adverse criticism of the Spokeshave in respect to the fact that it will not produce shavings. There is a very good video produce by Woodworker Guild of America making a Pizza Peel and uses a Spokeshave to smooth the face and giving hints on settings for it.

The Spokeshave works at its best when used cutting along the grain of the wood.

The following are four of the top selling Spokeshaves: 


Wood Craft Cutting Edge Spoke Shave Spokeshave For Woodcarver


The Spokeshave is a two handled high carbon steel body that Spokeshave Woodworking Toolgives good cutting control. The steel cutting blade has the necessary precision adjustable knobs to allow use  for different applications such as chair components shaping.

  • There are two models available 9” and 10”.
  • The carpenter sharpener has an unbreakable a lifetime use.
  • A steel heat treated blade.
  • Being two handled and adjustable blade gives easy control.
  • A hand woodworking tool designed for various round and curved applications. 
  • 100% satisfaction is offered.


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Accessbuy Adjustable SpokeShave with Flat Base and Metal Blade for Wood Craft, Wood Craver, Wood Working and Hand Tool


The casting of some of the bodies of tool were found to be rough and needed to be cleaned of slag before they could be used but having done so worked OK.

The cutting blade supplied sharp. For delicate work needs honing .

  • Has a carbon 44mm tough steel blade.
  • The blade has a hardness of 58-60 HRC.
  • The handles coated with epoxy coating to make them corrosion resist.
  • Also contoured for comfortable use.
  • Besides its design enables to plane irregular and complex surfaces.
  • Such as curves and arcs.
  • The tool manufactured in 9” and 10” sizes.


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Kunz 151 Flat Spokeshave


This is a precision German manufactured tool with all Spokeshave Woodworking Tooladjustments available to get the best performance from it using both hands a push or pull action can be achieved.

  • The cutting blade has two adjustable screws to ensure the correct type of shavings are produced.
  • The Kunz Spokeshave has a flat bottom to shape convex or flat surfaces.
  • The Kunz spokeshave is easy to use smoothing and shaping wood.
  • Setting the cutting blade has two adjusting screws.
  • The cutting blade held in place by lever cap.
  • The design allows the Spokeshave to operate on flat and curved surfaces.
  • The 2” cutting blade manufactured from German high quality steel.

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Stanley Hand Tools 12-951 10″ Spokeshave Planer


The Stanley Spokeshave is 10 inches in length with a cutting Spokeshave Woodworking Toolblade 2.125 inches wide.

Used for shaping all types of curved shapes such as chair components, legs and seats.

  • The cutter blade is fully adjustable to enable varying thicknesses of shavings and the blade is replaceable.
  • A vinyl pouch is provided for storage of the tool and protection.
  • Shaping chair components and other curved shapes,
  • The cutting blade has fully adjustable depth of cut to give the correct type of shavings.
  • The cutter is replaceable and fully adjustable.
  • The vinyl pouch provides a protection to store the Spokeshave.

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Spokeshave Woodworking Tool – Conclusion

Although the Spokeshave is not a major woodworking tool it certainly does have its place for special hand operations. Because setting up a machine takes too long. There is of course a group of woodworkers who therefore  prefer to use the traditional hand woodworking techniques. There isn’t a lot to chose between the spokeshave tools we have selected though the price does show which are the possible best buys. The Staley tool and the Kunz tool do appear to be very good purchases. Therefore the phrase you have to pay for the best.