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Grinding Wheel Grade Selection

Bench Grinder Replacement WheelsBench grinder replacement wheels, when they are worn-out or they are not the right wheel for the work to be carried out. To ensure that the wheel will minimise the time taken on sharpening and get the best life out of your wheels and tools. Wheels are made from a variety of abrasives and they are then classified for the best metal to be ground.
The following will look at wheel compositions and their uses:

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Bench grinder wheel types of grinding wheels


Silicon Carbide is a low cost manufactured wheel and is used to grind with non ferrous metals. The wheels are normally dark grey but can be a bronze colour, and are normally supplied when ordering a bench grinder.

Aluminium oxide are now becoming the preference wheel from manufacturers but are about 25% more expensive. There are two grades and the lower cost and operates best with carbon steel tools. The white coloured wheel is at a higher price and is suitable for hard steel alloy tool steel, cutting faster and with less heat generated. The wheels break down and give a new cutting surface which means that the wheel will need replacement more frequently.

Ceramic aluminium oxide is a fast cutting abrasive with a limited amount of heat generated giving the least amount of tool burn. The blue coloured is more durable than the white version but does cost more. It is most suitable for high-speed steel tool sharpening.


Time to change wheels


Grinding wheel bushes

A replacement is desired when the following are applicable:
The tool rest gap cannot be closed to blow 0.125”
The spark arrestor gap cannot be closed to 0.25”
If the wheel has any damage which cannot be removed by dressing it.
When a wheel is replaced be sure that it is a snug fit, bushing can remedy any over size wheel hole and do not over tighten the arbor nut as it can fracture the wheel. 

Wheels will clog with sharpening and grinding so clean the wheel surface if glazing is apparent.

Following are five top selling wheels:


POWERTEC 15501 1/2″ Arbor 60-Grit Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel, 6″ by 3/4″


The Powertec wheels are composed of green silicon carbide premium grade.
Super-hard wheel limits material loss whilst giving the maximum grinding performance.
Will fit most bench grinding machines.
Ideal for grinding cemented carbide tools and cutters.
Compliment any workshop needing to do general purpose applications and maintaining the optimal condition of you tools.


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Dewalt DW756 Replacement 6″ Bench Grinder Stone 60 grit


The DeWalt bench grinding wheels for sharpening are a genuine replacement part. The wheel will fit most bench grinders but check compatibility. DeWalt is a universal known brand and their products have to compliment any desk grinder that uses them.


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6″ Bench Grinding Wheel 60 Grit- 6 Inch X 3/4 Inch X 1/2 Inch


The grinding wheel is a bonded Aluminium Oxide of a medium grit abrasive.
A replacement wheel for bench grinders with a maximum speed of 4200 revs/minute.
It is 6 inches diameter, 0.75 inches wide and has a 0.5 inch arbor mounting.


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Forney 72405 Bench Grinding Wheel, Vitrified with 1-Inch Arbor, 80-Grit, 6-Inch-by-1-Inch


The Forney product is an aluminium oxide, vitrified bonded type 1 bench grinding wheel. Produced to fit most bench grinders to be used for sharpening and general grinding on mild steel. It is not suitable to be use with carbide products. The wheel is 6” diameter, 1” wide and a 1” arbor fixing. The maximum use speed is 4100 revs/minute. Warranty claims to be made 90 days of purchase.

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Norton 3X Super Cool 6″x3/4″x1″ I-Grade 100 Grit Grinding Wheel


With the Norton brand name a product with a superior performance and long wheel life is given.
Norton grinding wheel specifications100 grit wheel provides a very fast cut rate and burn free grind. The 3X super cool 6 inch x 0.75 inch x 1inch wheel is for grinding chisels, plane blades and tool steels that are difficult to sharpen or grind



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Bench grinder replacement wheels – conclusion


When purchasing new check on bench grinding wheel specification chart to ensure it is correct for the work in hand and your bench grinder. There is no correct wheel for your bench grinder as without knowing the work to be undertaken. Enough information in the five reviewed wheels should enable you to select the correct wheel and grade.