Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper Grades – Review of Disks


Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper GradesWhen looking to purchase a Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper Grades.Because they have to be taken into consideration for any project undertaken to get the desired results.

The use of 8 inch disc is between hand and bench sanders requiring the best sanding discs for wood. The hand disc sander user is able to use the hook and loop siding disc method. Therefore changing the sanding disc is a relative simple operation.

The bench sander model require a longer process to change discs. Because it mainly uses the PSA disc adhesive type discs. Therefore the increase of disc size there is also increase in cost of the discs. Most importantly that the length of life discs kept to a maximum.

Here is a disk cleaning product which will assist making the disk life extend as well as allowing it to keep its cutting edge.


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The following is a review of the five top selling 8 inch discs:



There is a range of grits available and they are best used on a benchtop sander.


The heat treated aluminium oxide disc, thus giving long life and good stock removal.

They used top quality psa disc adhesive to prevent the discs from spinning off during



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DELTA 31-347 80 Grit Self-Adhesive Sanding Disc


Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper GradesThe two pack disc are available in two grit sizes and are of cloth backed construction, aluminium oxide and coated with polyester.

The discs can be used to sand a variety of materials wood, non ferrous metals, plastics and composites. The discs have a release paper to peel then apply to the backing disc.


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Shop Fox D1320 8″ Diameter Psa Aluminum Oxide Disc 220 Grit, 3-Pack

The discs are manufactured with a aluminium oxide abrasive coating and a psa disc adhesive fixing the disc in place.

Suitable for sanding wood, metals and plastics. These discs sold in a 3-pack configuration.


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POWERTEC 110560 8-Inch PSA 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, Self Stick, 10-Pack

Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper GradesPowertec discs are manufactured using aluminium oxide of premium grade and are resin bonded with another resin coat to provide minimum heat developement.

Uses the psa disc adhesive to attach the disc and suitable for sanding non ferrous metals, wood and various plastics.


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Aluminum Oxide Stick-on PSA Paper Sanding Discs, 8″ Diameter, 80 Grit, Pack of 50

These discs are a good buy as they are in packs of 50 and will work on all orbital sanders that use the psa disc adhesive system.

Therefore a surface with aluminium oxide and have a stearate coating to minimise clogging.



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12 inch Sanding Discs for Wood

The 12 inch disc is generally on stationary machines. Because a hand held sander with a 12 inch sanding disc can be unwieldy. The discs obtainable with hook and loop or psa disc adhesive configuration. So the psa disc adhesive form, mainly preferred with bench sander machines.

Following are the top selling 12 inch discs:


POWERTEC 110403 12-Inch PSA 150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, Self Stick, 3-Pack

The Powertec disc is coated with aluminium oxide grain of a premium quality and is resin on resin bonded to minimise heat build up.

Uses psa disc adhesive ensuring good adhesion in use. And can grind wood, non ferrous metals and plastics giving a uniform finish.


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Woodstock D1336 12-Inch Diameter PSA 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, 2-Pack

The Woodstock discs have a grit range from 60 to 240 available, using aluminium oxide and the psa disc adhesive system for adhering the discs securely.

Sold as a 2 disc pack.


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The cloth backed discs are recommended for use with a benchtop sander, they use aluminium oxide of premium grade grit and heat treated.

The psa disc adhesive is of the highest quality to keep the discs firmly fixed in place.


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A&H Abrasives 949692, Sanding Discs, Zirconia Alumina, (y-weight), 12″ PSA Zirconia 80 Grit Cloth Sander Disc


Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper GradesThe disc is designed to be able to grind wood and heavy metal products.

The Ziconia alumina bonded with Phenolic resin to a Y weight cloth. So providing a good working life.

The attachment method is by the psa disc adhesive.


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Sungold Abrasives 332093 150 Grit 12-Inch X-Weight Cloth Premium Industrial Aluminum Oxide PSA Stick-On Sanding Discs For Stationary Sanders, 3 Sanding Discs/Pack

Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper Grades


The Sungold disc is for use with a metal platen benchtop sander using the psa disc adhesive attachment method.

The polyester/cotton backing is with P grade aluminium oxide grain resin on resin bond. Therefore reduces loading and to extend disc life.

The disc has a heavy stock removal rate from wood, metal and plastics.


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Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper Grades – Review of Disks


Having covered two larger size, Sanding Disk and the Sandpaper Grades, now it is the choice for you. It is not the size of the disc but which is most suitable for the project in hand. This may reduce your choice if the disc doesn’t have the correct attachment system of your appliance.

There are two main systems, hook and loop sanding disc and the psa disc adhesion, both are effective. The review of the 8 inch and 12 inch is to allow you to look at other discs that may have the sandpaper grades you have been searching but did not like the idea of going through a vast number taking up you time.


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