Best Sanding Discs for Wood – Review disc sander and bench sander

5 inch sanding discs

Best Sanding Discs for Wood

When searching for the best sanding discs for wood, the next question what size disc?
The 5” and 6” disks are the amongst the most used for a variety of woodworking machines from the hand orbital sanding discs to the small shop bench sander machines. They are produced in many grit configurations to meet the needs of workshop operators.

There are two main methods of fixing the disks and the prevalent at the moment is the hook and loop, there is also the PSA adhesive disk.
How does hook and loop sandpaper work? It operates in a similar way that Verco works one side has hooks and the other has loops and when they come together a strong bond is formed.

Disc sandpaper grades

The grit to use depends upon whether it is wood removal of finish that is required. Lower the grit number the more aggressive the disk and higher the grit number the smoother the finish. It has shown by independent testers that an almost scratch free result can be produced from 180 grit disks.

Collecting dust is another priority and a big improvement is made by using a machine the can suck dust through the fixing pad. So again there is great variety of disks that have holes in them to allow the dust to be collected.

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Following is 5 of the top selling 5” disks:


LotFancy 5-Inch 8-Hole Dustless Hook-and-Loop Sanding Disc Sander Paper, Pack of 100 (20 Each of 60 80 120 150 220 Grits)


The disks are manufactured to a high standard using an aluminium oxide having stearate coating to resist clogging. The hook and loop sanding disc system give a fast easy change method. The disks are suitable for use with a number of well establish circular sander machine manufactures, including DeWalt, Bosch and Makita.



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Mirka 23-388-080 5″ 80 Grit No-Hole Adhesive Sanding Discs – 100 Pack

The mirka sanding discs use the psa disc adhesive system of fixing and has a range of grit sizes to suit all sanding needs. Two well known makes Porter Cable and DeWalt use this type of fixing.




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Mestool 58-AP 100 per box include 60 80 120 150 and 220 GRITS

The Mestool method of covering bonded oxide grains with resin and then covering again with another resin to give smooth fast results. A coating for anti-clogging to ensure a extended operating time. Can be used on Some DeWalt, Makita, Ryopbi and Bosch machines.




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Mirka 23-614-AP 5″ 5-Hole Assorted Grits (10 Each Of 80/100/120/150/220) Dustless Hook & Loop Sanding Discs

The aluminium oxide grain has a resin bond high strength system to extend the life and has an anti load stearate covering to reduce loading. Suitable for Porter-Cable machines 333 and 97355.


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Bosch SR5R085 50-Piece 80 Grit 5 In. 8 Hole Hook-And-Loop Sanding Discs


To give fast material removal the resin-bonded open-coat aluminium oxide to give extended life. The 5 inch eight hole sanding discs pattern assists efficient dust removal with the dust extractor. The hook-and -loop system fixes the disk firmly to the pad.




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6 inch sanding discs


Best Sanding Discs for Wood

6” disks are a step-up in use for the small benchtop sander most are normally combined with belt sanders. The fixing for the disks are Hook and Loop or PSA disc adhesive fixing, when being used as a bench sander the psa disc adhesive fixing is preferred by the manufacturers of the bench sander equipment.

The following are the five top selling six inch disks:


WEN 6SD80 80-Grit Adhesive-Backed 6″ Disc Sandpaper


The discs are cold in packs of ten and can be used to be used on wood, plastics and many other materials.
The psa disc strong adhesive is designed not detach during use.

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POWERTEC 110290 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disk (10 Pack), 6”


Using the aluminium oxide grain having a resin on resin bond and fixed with a psa disc adhesive. It is capable of being used various materials including wood, non ferrous metal and plastic.


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30x 6″ PSA Self Adhesive 60/120/240 Grit Sanding Disc Stick on Sandpaper Peel Air Sander Orbit


This package is good value as it contains 30 discs and ten of each of the three grit sizes. It uses the psa disc adhesive fixing method.


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POWERTEC 110280 6-Inch PSA 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sanding Disc, Self Stick, 10-Pack

These discs are for a finishing operation and can be used on wood, non ferrous metals and plastics with good results. It uses the 6 inch psa sanding discs adhesive fixing system with the discs having aluminium oxide grain of a premium quality.


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6″ 2000 Grit Hook and Loop (Velcro) Wet / Dry Autobody Film Sanding Discs , 10-Pack

These discs are primarily designed for the auto industry using the hook and loop system of fixing to enable quick and easy change of discs. Each disc weighs 4.1 ounces and it has an aluminium oxide grit surface, there is a range of grit sizes.


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The best sanding discs for wood using 5″ or 6″ discs 

.Whether the sanding disk is purchased for use on a hand disc sander or a bench sander the aim is to get the best sanding discs for wood at the best price. The best economical buy for 5 inch sanding discs are purchase in lots of 100.

The 6 inch sanding discs however are listed on packs of ten. This could be the 6 inch sanding discs are used more on a bench sander and tend to last longer and there isn’t the demand for discs.

The choice for the best sanding discs for wood remains one for the user to discover with the predominant hook and loop sanding disc for the 5 inch hand disc sander and the more psa disc system used on bench sanders.