Electronic Digital Caliper

Electronic Digital CaliperThe Electronic Digital Caliper has been used by engineers for many years.

For those who are contemplating purchasing one for the first time.  Most importantly, having problems using a short guide explanation.



The image above has the main operating components labeled and they are the following:

  • Internal measuring jaws.
  • Measurement display.
  • Depth probe.
  • Thumb screw.
  • Thumb locking screw.
  • External measuring jaws

Operations: Electronic Digital Caliper

First ensure the external jaws are clean and are completely free of dust or any other foreign body..
Then close the jaws and switch the electronic digital caliper off and on and the measurement readout should be zero.

To take an external measurement, open the electronic digital  caliper. Then close the it on the object being measured.

.The electronic digital caliper jaws should be at right angles to the object.

To make inside measurement close the jaws and insert them into the object and open them. Keeping the jaws at right angles to the surfaces being measured..
To take a depth measurement close the jaws and set the non moving end of the caliper on the top of the object..

Then move the movable part so that the depth probe extends out to the depth of the object.

Ensuring in all cases that the electronic digital caliper is at right angles to the measured object..
There is a thumb screw on top of the caliper above the measurement readout display.

This locks the sliding part of the electronic digital caliper. Therefore allows a measurement to be taken and held.

This permits a measurement to be take and locked. So the readout can be read when the electronic digital caliper is removed.

Under the readout a switch the can change the readout from inches to decimal..

This is a correct transformation from one measurement to another.


There are several videos on You Tube showing these operations.

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Follows is 5 of the best Electronic Digital Caliper:


Electronic digital caliperNeiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper with Extra Large LCD Screen | 0 – 6 Inches | Inch/Fractions/Millimeter Conversion

  • This unit has the unique readout mode, it can display in inches, decimal and fractions.
  • The accuracy of the caliper is 0.001”/0.02mm.
  • It can measure from 0-6”/ 0-150mm.
  • The unit is made of finely polished steel.
  • A thumb roller/locking screw ensures a smooth transition of the measuring operation.
  • Is supplied with a custom made storage case with a replacement battery.
  • The LCD readout has extra large screen to provide easy reading.

This caliper has a very mixed bag of reviews. Therefore it appears possible to get a very good product.

If however in the other end of the spectrum just get it changed.


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Electronic Digital CaliperDigital Caliper, Water Resistant, Fractions, 6″/150mm, Durable Stainless Steel IP54 Electronic Measuring Tool by EAGems, Purchase Your Calipers Now for Quick Precision Measurements

  • The fixed arm made from hardened stainless steel, with no plastic protected against water splashes gives a smooth operation.
  • Large easy to read LCD screen.
  • A second battery with a low battery warning.
  • Measurement between 0/6”/150mm.
  • Accuracy of 0.0005”/0.01mm.
  • A 2 year warranty for complete customer satisfaction.

Also a number critical of the product, requires recalibration quite often.

The top star reviews very delighted with the calipers.


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Electronic digital caliperiGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper – IP54 Protection / Extreme Accuracy

  • Measures from 0-6”/150mm.
  • Accurate 0.001”/0.02mm.
  • Dust and water drop resistant to IP54 protection standard.
  • Has computer connection available: USB option extra.
  • ISO manufacturing standard certified: DIN Standard 862.
  • Provides a 2 year warranty.

Also an independent review of 6 electronic digital calipers and this rated very high.  Because the price was very close to one of the very expensive callipers. So exceedingly good and accurate.

However reading some of the reviews there appears a relaxation on quality control.


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Dr.Meter 6″ Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Venire Caliper Gauge Micrometer with Electronic Large LCD Display Inch Decimal Millimeter Auto off Measuring tool,Black

  • Has a measurement range 0-6inches.
  • Has an accuracy 0.001”.
  • With no slop between the the sliding measurement body and the fixed ruling arm gives the ability of high accuracy.
  • With a large screen readout gives a huge digital display.
  • The stainless steel body very well polished. Therefore gives a smooth operation and accurate positioning.
  • A 5 minute shut off feature to maximise battery life when not in use.
  • To obtain stepped readings when the jaws are open there is a zero function on the readout.

The reviews for this product are very good and surprisingly very few critical reviews.


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Electronic Digital CaliperDigital Caliper – Stainless Steel – Large LCD Screen – FREE Feeler Gauge Included – & Extreme Accuracy – Inch/Metric Conversion

  • Measuring range from 0-6”/0-150mm.
  • With an accuracy of 0.0015”/0.03mm.
  • The main body of the unit, hardened stainless steel.
  • No parts made of plastic.
  • The Green Tools company back the unit with 100% money-back guarantee if the Digital Caliper is not up to your satisfaction.
  • As a free bonus they include a 26 hardened and tempered feeler gauge steel blades measuring from 0.0015/0.025 inches.

This product has a very good high review rating. Because there was only one criticism review.  That appeared to be a defective product and with the 100% guarantee. I would expect that to be rectified.


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Recommendation of Electronic Digital Caliper

Of the 5 Electronic Digital Caliper reviewed there are 2 that are on level terms for performance and accuracy.

They are the following:

Digital Caliper – Stainless Steel – Large LCD Screen – FREE Feeler Gauge Included – & Extreme Accuracy – Inch/Metric Conversion


Dr.Meter 6″ Digital Caliper Stainless Steel Venire Caliper Gauge Micrometer with Electronic Large LCD Display Inch Decimal Millimeter Auto off Measuring tool,Black

The price difference was not the deciding factor as they were in the mid range. The cheapest reflected in its poor review results. This does show that it is necessary to pay that little extra for quality.

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