Best drill under 100-review

Best drill under 100


This review is selecting the best drill under 100 dollars and in particular the best corded drills.

Corded electric hand drills are selected for being relatively lightweight and capable of delivering continuous power over long periods without fading.

The other consideration is what size drill bit is going to be used, large drill bits need to have more powerful drill output.

What type of work will the drill be used for, if lengthy hardwood or metal drilling then the power out put should be high to avoid overheating the drill.

Please note:
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The following review of best drill under 100 dollars. Therefore five hand drills will show the features of them:


Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver, 3/8-Inch

  • This is a compact powerful unit.
  • The trigger mechanism is variable and very responsive.
  • It is very light at only 3.5 lbs.
  • The manufacturer provides a 2 year warranty.

It has some very good reviews:
A reviewer said that it was a very good drill for a beginner

Of the adverse reviewers:
The main complaint was that the chuck was inoperative this appears to stem from poor inspection control.

From the number of reviews submitted the product gets a good response.


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Neiko 10529A Close Quarter Drill, 55-Degree Angle with Variable Speed from 0 to 1400 RPM | 3/8-Inch Chuck

This product is the best drill under 100, compact driver and is very useful for using in small areas that other drills would be difficult to operate.

  • The 3/8” keyed chuck is offset at an angle of 55degrees.
  • The paddle type trigger allows variable speed control up to 1400 revs/minute.
  • It delivers 500watts from 120volt power unit.
  • There is a forward/reverse switch for changing direction.
  • There are some very good reviews saying the product was a very useful compact drill.

This drill is an import from China and one reviewer, having in his toolkit, said it was identical to a Milwaukee drill he had.

The main criticism was that the gears were plastic and if using the drill with large drill bits and working it hard the gears jumped and eventually stripped.


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Best drill under 100Kawasaki 840176 Green 5.8 Amp 3/8-Inch Variable Speed Reversible Drill

This hand drill has all the requirements needed from a well compose unit. Also a price is not excessive.

A keyless chuck capable of taking a 3/8” drill bit.

The operating lever equipped with a speed setting wheel.

A good powerful 3.8 amp motor.

Capable of delivering 2500 revs/minute.

An all metal gear box for durability.


  • The 5 star reviews considered the drill to be a very good product and were in praise of the unit being truly a variable speed operating trigger.
  • The reverse gearing was very good at low speeds for stud removal.


  • There were a few problems with the keyless chuck slipping or difficult to open.
  • Some found the chuck had a slight wobble.


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Best drill under 100Hitachi D10VH 6.0-Amp 3/8-Inch Reversible Driver Drill with Keyless Chuck

A question asked, Hitachi drills any good. This Electric drills review doubts, dispelled.

The Hitachi drill unit is a very compact powerful with a 6 Amp motor.

The motor provides 108 inch/pounds torque to provide a high speed.
To operate the variable speed there is a dial built into the operating switch.
The drill is lightweight and only weighs 3.1lbs.
The hand grip is a comfortable design to minimise vibration and fatigue.

From the reviews there were differing opinions as to the working of the drill.
The fact that one turn of the closing mechanism made a small adjustment on the chuck jaws, this meant the drill bit could grip the drill bit tightly.
The variable speed control is a good asset.
Some found the keyless chuck was difficult to operate and wouldn’t grip the smallest drill bits.


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Best drill under 100DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill

This DeWalt is very good asset to a woodworkers workshop.

  • With a 10 Amps of power and a 1/2” chuck will cover most jobs asked of it.
  • Has a variable speed up to 1200 revs/minute.
  • A built in reversing switch.
  • For increase durability has a metal gear housing ideal for on site work.
  • A locking side handle for greater control when drilling large holes.
  • The handle has a soft grip to increase comfort.

All of the top reviewers, very impressed with the power output of the drill.
It has a power safety feature to stop working if the drill is continuously used hard, but after a few minutes rest will start working again at full power.

Because a light weight unit with so much power available. Therefore made it easy to handle and so reduce fatigue.
Some were delivered a key chucked model even though the sale advert was keyless.


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Of the 5 models reviewed the DEWALT DWD210G 10-Amp 1/2-Inch Pistol-Grip Drill stood out as one the of top power brands best drill under 100 dollars. It has all features required from a hand drill.

The others on a par with each other. Although the Neiko possibly overrated as a 3/8” capacity unit.

If financier are a limiting factor then the Black & Decker DR260C 5.2-Amp Drill/Driver, 3/8-Inch would be a good buy.


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