Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face Guard Review

Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face Guard Review

Forestry Safety Helmets


Whether you’re a fulltime logger or a weekend woodcutting warrior, proper protection is a must.  This chainsaw safety helmet face guard review lists 5 of the highest rated products to protect you so you can get the job done while avoiding injury.

There’s a vast variety of protective clothing for chainsaw users, but safety helmets may be the most important.  Individual pieces can be cumbersome to put on and don’t always work well together. 

Having the right safety clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) helps to avoid potential disasters.  An all-in-one chainsaw safety helmet and face guard with built-in earmuffs makes protecting yourself easy. ANSI and CE approval ensures durable and high quality material are used.  Using the appropriate chainsaw headgear reduces the risk of injury.

Like all chainsaw safety equipment, helmets should be comfortable and adjustable. While the design should make them appropriate for the tasks being performed. Different features make the PPE for chainsaw use safer. while enabling you to get the job done without risks of injury.

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Chainsaw-Protective-Safety-Helmet-Hard-Hat-_-Ear-Muffs-_-Face-ShieldChainsaw Protective Safety Helmet Hard Hat / Ear Muffs / Face Shield

Hard hats protect your head.  But what about protecting your face and ears? Having the right chainsaw safety gear can prevent horrible mishaps.  This ANSI Impact-certified chainsaw safety helmet and face guard has it all. 

The inside adjustment straps make it easy to fit almost any size head.  The face shield protects you with the high impact plastic.  It protects your eyes without blurring your vision, and it doesn’t fog up. 

Guard against loud engine noise from chain saws, lawn mowers, and grinders with the build-in ear protection.  The ear muffs are attached to the helmet via a rotating plastic bayonet system.  Snap them to the outside of the helmet and align the bayonet. Don’t want to wear them?  Detach them and use individual ear plugs instead. 

The bright orange color makes it highly visible, another safety perk.  There’s no chin strap, but if adjusted to the right size, it will stay put. 


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Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face GuardTR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

Chainsaws can spew a lot of debris at your face.  Having a chainsaw safety helmet and face guard visor will protect you against flying debris, blows, and impacts.  But it doesn’t stop there. 

This combination helmet comes with a set of adjustable earmuffs, and two interchangeable visors (one plastic, one mesh).  Adjust them to fit your line of vision, or remove them completely. 

Drown out the deafening roar of the chainsaw with the earmuffs while the visors deflect flying objects.  The earmuffs are adjustable for a snug fit and can be completely detached. 

Use the dial knob at the back of the helmet to adjust for a comfortable fit.  The circumference measures 20 – 24.5 inches so it can fit both men and women.  Available in yellow or black, this is a great addition to your other chainsaw safety equipment.  All parts of the helmet have the ANSI and CE stamp of approval.


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Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face Guard
TIHL Woodcutter Helmet System

Perfect for clearing out overgrown brush. The lightweight chainsaw safety helmet and face guard. 

The plastic face shield has vented sides for extra cooling.  It can be removed without a fuss if you just need the helmet. Snap it place to reattach it.  With a fully adjustable band, the helmet tightens to give a snug fit to reduce shifting.

The earmuffs pop into place if you need them. Thet can be raised up to settle behind the helmet when not in use.  Or simply detach them completely.  It’s designed to be comfortable so you can focus on the task rather than your safety. 

There’s no sweat band, so you may need to improvise or purchase separately.  Throw out the ugly goggles and enjoy a comfortable piece of chainsaw safety equipment that protects your eyes, ears, and face simultaneously.


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Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face GuardHusqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

Trimming hedges or cutting down a small tree can be hazardous.    This chainsaw safety helmet and face guard also has a neck protector that stops rain from drenching your neck and back. 

The mesh visor provides clear visibility while protecting your eyes and face.  The adjustable visor is the most difficult part to attach to the helmet, but once it’s on, it offers outstanding protection.  Because mesh cannot stop all debris, safety glasses can be worn underneath. 

The helmet withstands harsh impacts and is ANSI certified. The bright orange color provides high visibility.  Adjust it for a firm fit around your head as the chin strap helps to alleviate residual shifting.

The inside straps are canvas, not plastic, for extra comfort. Sound abatement is excellent due to the high quality earmuffs.  They slip up and back when not in use, or they can be fully detached.


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Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face GuardTotal Chainsaw Pro Helmet Assembly

Lightweight yet durable and easy to adjust and put on/ take off.

The mesh face guard offers great protection while providing a surplus of ventilation.  While it works to deflect most debris, sawdust is small enough and could possibly work its way through. Has the advantage over perspex shields as it does not mist up.

The hard plastic is highly durable to protect your head from falling objects as the mesh visor protects your face.

For the professional users, comfortable and complete with the following approvals:

  • Safety helmet complies with 89/686/EEC, BS EN 397:1995
  • Face protection complies with EN166 and EN 1731
  • Ear Muffs comply with EN 352-3

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Chainsaw Safety Helmet Face Guard Review-Recommendations

When it comes to chainsaw safety equipment, don’t take any chances. The right PPE for chainsaw use can save your life and limbs. 

For the professional, the TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet is a full protection system unto itself. The hardhat protects your cranium.

The two interchangeable plastic and mesh visors and high quality earmuffs add extra value to this great piece of chainsaw headgear.  

If that helmet is too much for you, the STIHL Woodcutter Helmet System is lightweight but offers heavy duty protection. The visor snaps on quickly, and the earmuffs effectively muffle noise.

Choose the chainsaw safety helmet and face guard ensemble that suits the job you’re doing. Protecting yourself with the appropriate chainsaw safety equipment is definitely worth the investment.


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