Custom routed signs

Router Wood signs
custom routed signsTo produce a custom routed signs takes patience, a good eye and a steady hand to control the router.

The sign can vary in size and shape and the design can be just lettering or a shape or a combination of both.

The design can be hand drawn or composed on a computer.

If the design is large, if using a computer it will have to be printed out in sections which can be taped together.

The wood that is to be used be either sanded or planed if the finish product is required, but should a rustic or stressed finish then prepare it to that finish.

Next is to transfer the design to the wood, this can be done various ways, carbon paper, tracing over the design to make an impression or any other way that is possible.

If your wood router uses a vacuum take off to keep the cutting are clear of debris then only googles and a mask is required.

sign3-wpShould however this is not available then all precautions are necessary as you will be required to be close to the cutting area.

Having bought the best wood router it is now time to put it to the test, set the cutter to a depth of 3/16”.



sign1-wpThe cutters size has to be of a size to allow it to cut, without it cutting into the design.

Take roughing cuts leaving some area to cut near to the line of the design, so when cutting to the line there will be less tendency of the cutter pulling into the design.

Once the design has been completed and all the necessary cut area has been cleared of wood debris then to spray the complete design with a black ink compound.

When dry the design is then sanded to remove the black from the raised surface leaving the undercut area black.

Then any finish product is coated on to the design to get the wanted completion effect.

The following video shows one complete method method from start to finish:


That was one method using a soft wood, the next video is going to show how to produce very good routed signs using a hard wood.

The techniques are in the same methods but the end result is a super quality finish:



It can be seen from this video a great deal of thought had been put into the production of this sign to produce this very good product.

The wood was oak and so the expertise in the initial preparation made the end result a pleasure to look at.

The careful chipping out with the hand chisel to ensure the lettering gave an even texture to the recessed lettering.