Best Spirit level – review

Introduction to Best Spirit level requirements


Best Spirit levelThe best spirit level is an essential piece of equipment for a vast amount of tradesmen, it is basically a simple idea, but it has to work accurately.

.It consists of a slightly curve tube sealed at both ends with a liquid inside entrapping a bubble of air.

This is mounted in a housing with a flat surface so that when it is place on a level surface the bubble will settle in the highest point of the curve.

This will indicate the surface the housing is resting on is level.

How to check that the spirit level is set correctly:

  • With a flat surface put the level on it.
  • Mark the position of the level at each end and side.
  • Note the position of the level.
  • Turn the level through 180 degrees and replace the level in the exact position of the markings.
  • Note the position of the bubble and if it is the exact same reading the equipment is set correctly.
  • A similar procedure on a vertical surface is used to check the setting if the vertical bubble is correct.

When purchasing a spirit level it should be checked as above to ensure it is set-up correctly.

The addition of a laser beam to spirit levels is very helpful aid when attempting to check something is level over a distance that is impractical with a standard spirit level.

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The following is a review of five of the best levels:


Sheffield 58640 9 Inch Magnetic V-Groove Torpedo Level


  • To prevent marking the surfaces it has protective end caps.
  • The level is accurate to within 1/32”.
  • The featured self-centering magnetic design can be used both hands to be free to make adjustments.
  • It is an inexpensive Chinese made spirit level.
  • The three bubble levels contain a florescent bright green and have a enlargement feature to make them bigger to read the position very easy.
  • The finish of the product is very good.

It has no critical views under 4 star

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Best Spirit levelSwanson Tool TL041M 6-Inch Heavy-duty Magnetic Torpedo Level


  • The level can be attached to a pipe with a special screw locking device.
  • It has 4 level vials 30, 45 and 90 degrees and a flat level vial.
  • Very strong magnets to give a firm grip.

One purchaser has dropped it several times from over 6 feet and it has never broken and loves the price.

The Swanson is a Chinese product.

There were some purchasers had problem with the magnets becoming un-glued.


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Empire em81.9 True Blue 9-Inch Heavy-duty Magnetic Aluminium Torpedo Level


  • The Empire level has an aluminium heavy duty extruded frame, with a strong holding magnetic frame.
  • So this frame has three vials level, plumb and 45 degrees.
  • The bubble levels are clear and easy to read.
  • The patented ’True Blue’ system is accurate to within 0.0005”.
  • It is one of the best torpedo levels.

One operator dropped the level from over 30 ft and found it still works fine.

One criticism was that the magnet was not strong enough.

But many of the other reviewers found them a very good product



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Best Spirit levelStanley FatMax 43-572 72-Inch Non-Magnetic Level


  • The 72’ level has one level vial in the centre of the product.
  • It has two vial for vertical setting one at each end.
  • Has two bi-material hand grips for ease of setting.
  • There are two protective end caps to absorb accidental knocks.
  • It is non magnetic so useable in areas where magnetism a problem for magnet fitted product.
  • The length of the Stanley FatMax makes it excellent for scribing lines to show a layout.

.The reviews from verified customers very favourable.

Therefore, critical review that appear several times that the delivery packaging was substandard. Most importantly the level  undamaged.


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Best Spirit levelStabila 37816 48-Inch and 16-Inch Aluminum Box Beam Level Set


This set of levels are of a professional grade and have a certified accuracy..
They have clear vials that have hairline spring steel indicators for clear and accurate reading.

The aluminium frames are wide, right and strong..
Each has oversized handholds made of rubber and have rubber caps that are removable.
The 16” and 48” levels weigh 5lbs.

They have a lifetime warranty.

Stabila also state the following:

  • The levels will maintain their accuracy for life.
  • The vials will not leak, fog or lose accuracy.
  • They will replace the level if they fail the above.
  • Damaged frames make the warranty void.

.There very few adverse comments and did not state exactly what the problem they had.


See the latest price of Stabila 37816 48-Inch here…




Recommendations from the best spirit level review

The review has shown that there are two types of spirit level:

The long spirit level used when levelling between two objects that are apart and it is necessary that they are on the same level.

So the shorter spirit level only to check the level of a single object.

For the first requirement the best spirit level is the Stabila 37816 48-Inch and 16-Inch Aluminum Box Beam Level Set but should the funds are limited an alternative is the Stanley FatMax 43-572 72-Inch Non-Magnetic Level.

For the second level the recommendation is the Sheffield 58640 9 Inch Magnetic V-Groove Torpedo Level.


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