Best Featherboard for Table Saw – What is a featherboard

Best Featherboard for Table Saw

Using a Featherboard

When purchasing an other addition to the workshop such as a table saw it will not be provided as standard some pieces of equipment that is considered desirable, one such piece the best featherboard for table saw.

What is featherboard?

The modern feather boards are made of molded plastic, the resultant product is a series of flexible fingers extending from a solid piece that is then attached to the table saw.

What are feather boards used for?

The purpose of the featherboard is to keep pressure on the piece being cut firmly against the fence. So this ensures that the cut maintains the desired fence setting.

The use of the featherboard does makes the piece being cut to only move in one direction so acts as a safety feature and coupled with other attachments will reduce the possibilities of a kick back.

Attaching the featherboard to the table saw

There are two main ways to attach a featherboard to a table saw.
1. Using the slot that the mitre gauge runs in the featherboard uses it and with the designed clamping system secured it in the slot.
2. There is a magnetic securing system, providing that the table saw has a surface that has a metal surface to magnetically clamp the magnetic featherboard too.

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Following is the five best featherboard for table saw:


Featherboard, Drillpro Double Featherboards Feather Loc Board for Table Saws Router & Tables Fences Tools Miter Gauge Slot Woodworking DIY

  • This product is produces from high-tech polymer to provide a product that will keep its shape and maintain the pressure require to keep the piece being cut firmly against the fence.
  • The pressure exerted by the featherboard allows a smooth action of the wood being cut and has the reverse effect should there be a kickback effect.
  • It has four mitre bars designed to fit the standard mitre slots-19.3-19.5 mm.
    To provide cutting consistently the tension is easily and quickly set, this reducing the possibility of a kick back.
  • It is a product that can be used not only for a table saw but any woodworking machine that has mitre slot.


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Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and Fences


  • This product gives a tension that is consistent and the construction is a special split rail design to give a holding pressure.
  • The fixing method to the saw table is provided by two metal bars 3/4” and 5/8’ which are the standard mitre slots.
  • Maximum hold is given by the mitre bar being fabricated with a split rail design.
  • The Milescraft featherboard supplied with t-slot bolts as well as the mitre bars so allowing the product to be used on a variety of woodworking machines.
  • The product provides a tension design that is pr-loaded to give consistent cuts and making a reduction of kick-backs.
  • The fixing knobs are of a design to lessen the possibility of over tightening.

Customer reviews were a mixture of good and bad.
The main criticism was the means of locking into mitre tracks was suspect on some table saws.


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Magswitch STARTER KIT Includes Base, 2 Mag Jig 150, Reversible Feather Board


  • A good starter kit for a magnetic featherboard system.
  • It is possible to add attachments to the kit as the need arises.
    The featherboard is reversible allowing right or left handed feeds of wood to be cut.
  • Fast set up, on and off magnet adhesion making set up precise tension easy.
  • Can be used on any power tool that has a need for a featherboard providing the table is steel or cast iron.
  • A vertical featherboard attachment can be fitted to the base item giving an added safety dimension.
  • It is not limited by having to use a mitre slot for locating the featherboard.

Reviews were mainly positive of some of the criticism were of those didn’t have a table that was non magnetic.


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Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard, Pack of 2


  • The Reg featherboard has a wedge-lock securing system that works in all t and mitre slots on table saw and other woodworking machines without the use of additional hardware.
  • This makes the Kreg product easy to use and instal.
  • It is made from plastic composite and is very durable with the fingers of the product providing consistent pressure.
  • With the two Kreg featherboard units it is possible to use one to put pressure on the piece to keep it in contact with the fence and the other on the fence to maintain pressure on the wood to the saw table surface.
  • The Kreg product only weighs 1.2lbs.


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Magswitch Table Feather Board Universal Model Universal Feather Board Magswitch


  • This model Magwitch is a magnetic featherboard for table saw and has two on/off magnets switches with a holding force of 95lbs on each.
  • It makes the unit very versatile being able to attach it to any convenient place on the saw table or fence.
  • The unit has fingers on both side of it allowing it to be used either side of the saw blade.
  • Being magnetically fixed to the table saw provides for a fast set up with exact positioning and tensioning.
  • Giving possible years of use being constructed from ABS UL94VO being strong and very durable.
  • Can be used on any metallic table saw or router having no requirement for mitre slot use.

The reviews were very good with some not realising the the table saw has to have a serous metal top, the magnets do not adhere to aluminium or composite tables.


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What is the best featherboard for table saw

When considering the best featherboard for table saw the choice is between a mitre slot and the magnetic version.
The Magswitch Table Feather Board Universal Model Universal Feather Board Magswitch has many of the attributes that are required by the table saw operator being easy to attach and set up.
However if the table saw is unable through design to use the magnetic feature then the Kreg PRS3020 True-FLEX Featherboard, Pack of 2 is the best one.