Rack Shelving Unit – Review Self Standing Shelves

Rack Shelving Unit - Review Self Standing ShelvesTo have tools and equipment in disarray is not only time consuming but can also be dangerous. A good rack shelving unit is one good method of arranging components in order and within easy reach.

All good woodworkers know the benefits of have their tools and equipment in order. This makes the workshop tidy and attractive and in the long term saves time that can be used for more productive work.

The choice of the type and strength of the shelving is determine by what is to be stored on them and how heavy are the components. There are many types of shelves and made of a variety of materials.

Plastic Compound shelving

There is the all plastic freestanding shelving unit which require little or no crews or bolts in assembly. Normally they just slot together with a plastic clip arrangement. This can be make it difficult to disassemble if a change of orientation is needed.

Wooden shelving units

The all wooden units are made to slot together and are fixed with types of fixing that are available, screws, bolts, dowels or some propriety fixings. The strength of the unit depends on the type of wood they are constructed of.

Shelving units metal

The metal shelving can be angled slotted steel/aluminium, a wire form or of a tubular section. Whatever the construction it will need some form of fixing system, bolts or self tapping screws. A metal frame unit will be generally be able to accommodate heavier loads and unless it is has a good protective coating will be liable to corrotion if steel unit.

The other considerations are the size of the shelves and how many are in the complete unit and the possible distance between each shelf. There is of course a budget restrain for some purchaser but it is always desirable to purchase the best that the budget allows.

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With all that in mind the following five top customer rated shelving units are reviewed:

Gracious Living 5-Shelf Heavy Duty Shelf UnitGracious Living 5-Shelf Heavy Duty Shelf Unit

  • .The units are manufactured of a composite plastic, this makes them easy to assemble with out the base of tools.
  • They can be locked together at the base with a preformed locking arrangement.
  • This allows several units to be locked together to produce a long run of shelving units if require.
  • The assembled unit depth is 18” and 36” wide. The overall height is 72”.
  • The shelves are designed with holes to allow ventilation if required, this makes the units unsuitable to store small items.
  • It is advised if the units are sited against a wall use some fixing arrangement to secure them to the wall.
  • Recommended maximum weight capacity for each shelf is 150 pounds.
  • Weight of each unit is 27.2 pounds.

The main criticism in a few cases was that the delivery packaging was poor.


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PayLessHere Chrome 6 Shelf Commercial Adjustable Steel shelving rack systemPayLessHere Chrome 6 Shelf Commercial Adjustable Steel shelving systems On wheels wire shelves, shelving unit or garage shelving, storage racks

  • The units are assembled with no tools required and the shelves are adjustable in one inch increments.
  • The shelves have a NSF food safety rating and manufactured of heavy duty chrome plated steel.
  • Supplied with three inch commercial castor wheels making the storage shelves on wheels a unit mobile if require and for safety two wheels are lockable.
  • Shelve sizes are 18” depth and 48” length and loading capacity of 220 pounds as a stationary unit without wheels.
  • The height is 78”as a freestanding shelving system and 82” when as storage shelves on wheels.
  • The unit has a NSF certification for commercial use and has a limited warranty of 10 years.

Most customer reviews were in praise of the units but a few had some damaged shelves on delivery.


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Edsal Black Steel Storage Rack shelving unitEdsal URWM184872BK Black Steel Storage Rack, 5 Adjustable Shelves, 4000 lb. Capacity, 72″ Height x 48″ Width x 18″ Depth

The Edsal is a 5 tier heavy duty shelving unit of steel for strength and is covered with black smooth finish for anti-corrosion.
The assembly system uses a rivet lock procedure eliminating the need for nuts and bolts.

The shelving boards are 18” deep and 48” long and of particle board construction.  Supported by beams,  double riveted and height position adjustable in 1.5 inch incremental steps. Each particle board is capable of supporting a load of 800 pounds.

 Furthermore two possible frame configurations:

  • One being 72” heigh.
  • The other two connected units being 36” heigh.
  • One of the two has two shelves.
  • The other has three shelves.


Include instructions for assembly, no assembly tools included.


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Muscle Rack shelving unit TRK-361860W4 Depth Steel Shelving UnitMuscle Rack TRK-361860W4 Depth Steel Shelving Unit, 4-Shelf, 36″ Width x 60″ Height x 18″, Black (48″W x 24″D x 72″H, Black)

The Muscle Rack shelving uses a Z beam assembly to provide rigidity and strength. So assembly in some minutes just using a Mallet. It has five load support shelves composed of particle boards.

The complete unit will house up to 4000 pounds spread evenly over the 5 shelves. The shelves are adjustable in position in 1.5” steps to give versatility in setting the position of them. The metal frame work finish in black to protect against corrosion.
Don’t use a hammer to knock the frames as it could damage the finish and the metal frame, a mallet is OK preferably a hard rubber one. When complete check that the locking rivets are still located tight.


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Seville Classics Commercial 8 Shelf 24 Bin Rack shelving unitSeville Classics Commercial 8-Shelf 24-Bin Rack Shelving Unit, NSF Certified – Ultrazinc/Blue

  • The Seville Classic has 7 shelves that is a patented system.
  • The unit is 63.5” in height and the shelf sizes are 14.25” deep and 36” wide.
  • Each shelf houses durable polypropylene bins of which there are 12 medium, 6 large and 6 extra large.
  • They slide out with ease and lock into position for safety.
  • Supplied with 10 bin dividers and labels.
  • Consequently quick component recognition location.
  • Therefore if storage shelves with wheels is require.
  • So 4 x 3” castors are supplied.
  • Two are lockable for safety.
  • Hence a freestanding shelving system in a permanent position.
  • Also 4 levelling feet are provided.
  • The unit has a NSF commercial certificate.

Has some very good reviews from verified purchasers.
Most of the critical reviews can be put down to damage on delivery which is beyond the control of the manufacturer


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Rack Shelving Unit – Recommendation

There are a good variety of selection of rack shelving unit but the final solution is what are the the requirements of the unit.

If the requirement is to shelve small components then our recommendation is the Seville Classics Commercial 8-Shelf 24-Bin Rack Storage System. This unit has durable polypropylene bins. Also dividers and labels indicate the contents of each bin. A unit can be a freestanding shelving systems or a storage shelves with wheels making it a mobile unit.

Should the need be for a unit that houses large pieces of equipment or machine accessories then the Muscle Rack TRK-361860W4 Depth Steel Shelving Unit can house up to 4000 pounds of weight, is the unit that will be the one to consider.