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Wood carving project There are different types wood carving so it is essential to investigate the different types before selecting the Wood Carving Project that you feel is right for you.  First of all decide the type of wood carving to  undertake. Hence you will discover the tools require. Also the best carving wood to use.

Discovering the Wood Carving Project for you.

The style of carving will also determine the the tools require and the oldest form of wood carving is Whittling.

Also done with the least number of tools required. Maybe a very sharp knife in a special shape.
Carving in relief is a decorative carving and can be applied to furniture of just on a flat piece of wood, where the carved feature id on one side whilst the other is left flat so can be used as a picture.

The tools required for this are a selection of chisels and a mallet.
If the wood carving blocks are carved all the way round where the rounded angles and smooth.

Almost all the tools require can be chisels, mallet and possibly a carving knife.
If the design is a very intricate on a wooden platter then the process used is done by chip carving and uses the following tools mallet, selection of chisels and knife.
Hence the next consideration is how to carve wood there are a great many wood carving books for beginners.

Choice of wood

Therefore, advisable to start on easy carving wood as the one to start with.
The following woods are the ones to be considered:

Basswood is an easy carving wood and has a fine grain, the colour is light and cream and very good for whittling.
Butternut is also easy to carve, with a coarse grain, light brown colour and a distinctive pattern.
White Pine an easy wood to carve with a medium grain and the colour is soft and creamy.
Mahogany is difficult carving wood, medium grain with a distinctive red colour.
Black Walnut is hard to carve, medium grain and a very dark brown colour.
White Oak is a very hard to carve, medium to coarse grain so is a very light yellow colour.
Cherry is very hard to carve, fine grained, has a wavy pattern and is brown pink colour.
Sugar Maple is also very hard to carve, fine grained and a very light cream colour.

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Following are the tools for your Wood carving project:

Wood carving projectBANG HUI Wood Carving Chisel Set- 12 pc Professional SK5 Wood Carving Tools

This set is a very good one as a starter for a beginner, they are also sharp, safe and small.
They are made from SK5 Carbon Steel of high quality and have an Electrolytic Coating. Therefore suitable for projects in general wood carving, linoleum cuts, sculptures in clay and soapstone.
There is a good selection of tips:

  • Deep gouge.
  • Shallow gouge.
  • Straight narrow chisel.
  • Wide straight chisel.
  • Rounded chisel.
  • 4 angled knives.
  • Parting tool.
  • Pinpoint tool.

This also makes this set a Great set for beginners.

Well made wooden handles also with the blades set tight in them. So minimise snapping off.

The handles are smooth for allowing a comfortable grip, this as a result above all the wood carving hobbyist requires.


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Ramelson 6 Piece Basic Palm Carving Set 117

Above all, the tools arrived were fairly sharp with a bit of work they were razor sharp.  And as a result held the edge very well.

The handles fit so comfortably in the hand.

One comment, certainly the best set of carving tools for the money. Very pleased with them as American made.


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Beginner Palm and Knife Set

4 Flexcut carving tools are in the set to include the popular ones.

  • A Cutting knife.
  • A Detail knife.
  • A Sweep gouge.
  • A V tool.
  • Also included is a free tool roll.

Because, made of carbon steel and razor sharp. So ready to use on receipt. Consequently the wooden handles comfortably into your hand because of their shape.

Most noteworthy American Made.

Certainly one adverse comment that the purchaser found the blade lost its edge. Hence had to resharpen when only part way through the project. Furthermore that was the only adverse comment. While all the others were in praise of the tools and how they performed above expectations.


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Wood carving projectVonHaus 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set for Carving with Honing Guide, Sharpening Stone & Storage Case

The set includes 6 chisels which are:

  • 1/4” Chisel
  • 1/2” chisel
  • 13/16” chisel
  • 1” chisel
  • 1-1/4” chisel
  • 1-1/2” chisel
  • To complete the 8 pieces
  • A 2 sided aluminium oxide sharpening stone 120/200 grit and a honing guide.
  • The complete set housed in a blow moulded plastic case.

Seems like the set is for domestic/professional users


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Wood carving projectFlexcut Deluxe Palm Set

9 palm carving tools so having a wide variety of cutting blades.
The ash hardwood handles are ergonomically designed therefore sit with ease into the hand.
Above all the blades are made from hard carbon steel and are razor sharp ready to use.

Most noteworthy delivered in well made wooden tool box.
Also they are manufactured in America.

Therefore the set consists of the following tools:

  • No. 2 5/16” Skew Chisel
  • No. 11 1/2” Gouge
  • No. 6 5/16” Gouge
  • No. 5 9/16” Gouge
  • No. 3 5/8” Gouge
  • No. 3 3/8” Gouge
  • No. 8 3/8” Gouge
  • 1/4” 70 degree V-Tool
  • 3/8” 70 degree V-Tool

The tools as a result, advertise as 8” long but in fact no tool is over 5”.
Because the only real criticism of this product so given a 3 star rating.


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Wood Carving project  – Best carving wood recommendation

Of the 5 sets of carving tools the choice is not an easy one but for carving knives the Flexcut Deluxe Palm Set is the best selection and the one of the chisel carving set is the VonHaus 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set for Carving with Honing Guide, Sharpening Stone & Storage Case. Should however if the budget is limited or not wishing to purchase a product that it is found when trying the hobby is not to your liking then the BANG HUI Wood Carving Chisel Set- 12 pc Professional SK5 Wood Carving Tools could be a set to try out the hobby on.


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