The best scroll saw blades – 5 blade review

The best scroll saw blades


Selecting The Best Scroll Saw Blades for any given scroll saw is a choice between plain end or pin end blade..
It is possible that the scroll saw can use both types but normally it only takes one type.

Pin Type saw blades

As the name implies there is a hole in each end of the blade in which a small pin is inserted. This means that the ends of the blade must have sufficient width of metal to allow a hole to be drilled. This puts some limitations on the type of cutting that can be undertaken especially if fine inside cutting is to be done.

Pin-end blades do have the advantage of ease of tensioning the blade.


Flat end saw blades

Flat end saw blades require a clamping system and there is no limitations to the finest of the blade that can be used.

There is the problem for beginners of getting the clamping correct with the tension applied to the blade.

Too tight on the clamping screw can easily strip the tread of the screw or the threaded plate.

Not tight enough and the required tension on the blade pulls the blade out of the clamp fixture.


Saw Blade Selection

First of all saw blades have a numbering system to determine the size of the blade.

The smallest start with 3/0, 2/0,1/0 and progress through to 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12 being the larger blades.

If the work being produced requires fine detail with sharp turns a 2/0 blade would be a possible size.

Stacked material, that is putting several layers on top of each other, so that it is possible to produce several shapes the same in one cutting action.

This would require a more robust saw blade 5 or 7 size.


Types of Saw blades


Reverse Tooth
The blades have there teeth in a pattern where one section or the teeth cut on the down stroke and the other cuts on the up stroke. This action minimises the amount of sanding required.

Standard Blade

This has all the teeth of the blade pointing the same way and only cut in the downward direction.

Double tooth
The blade has two teeth in the place where one tooth normally is. Even with the extra teeth the blade is not so aggressive and so permits greater control over the workpiece.

Skip Tooth

This blade has every other tooth missing and this makes for a more aggressive cutting action. It also has the effect of a cooler cutting action.

Spiral Tooth Blade

The blade is made in the form of a spiral and has the benefit of cutting in any direction.

The other benefit is the it reduces the amount of turning the work piece round.

The cutting action is back and forward and side to side.

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The following is a selection of 5 scroll saw blades:


Olson Saw FR49604 Reverse Skip and Spiral Tooth Scroll Saw Blade Assortment


The user reviews all in favour of this assortment of blades. As a result found all useable for different woods.

One in particular enjoyed using the reverse skip reduce the amount of sanding when cutting plywood.


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The best scroll saw blades7 Dozen Flying Dutchman Reverse Tooth Scroll Saw
Blades Variety Super Intro Pack (7 Different Sizes)


The German Blade manufacture produce blades to fine tolerances in high quality steel.

They are all pin-less and 5” long.


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Olson Saw FR49400 Skip Tooth Scroll Saw Blade Assortment

These blades were all received with praise for the quality.

Recommended for anyone beginning to start using the Scroll saw for the first time.


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The best scroll saw blades5 Dozen Spiral Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blades 5 Different Sizes Variety Intro Pack 2/0,1,3,5,7 Model: SP-Intro

They supply six different and 5 dozen in total.
Being spiral they have teeth all around the blade.

This allows the blade to cut in any direction.

The Blades are 5” long, Pinless and top quality.

They had good reviews and the only critical one was getting the correct clamping arrangement.

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The best scroll saw blades
SKIL 80181 Scroll Saw Blade Set, 18 Piece


Has 3 lots of 6 blades with 15, 18.5 and 20 teeth.

For long life made from premium steel.
For easy intricate shape sharpening are precision sharp.

Will cut wood and plastics.

The reviewers agree with the advertisement given out by the manufacturer.


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The best scroll saw blades – 5 blade review – Conclusion

It is not possible to recommend which of these is best scroll saw blade is in fact the best.

Because all come from excellent manufacturers, finally, really what type of blade the user requires.

Consequently the blade chosen as a result make your Scroll saw  the best scroll saw.

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