Abrasive Cleaning Stick – Review


Wood Sanding

Abrasive belts are a very useful product that have many different compositions of grit Abrasive Cleaning Sticksize that can produce direct finishes on the work piece. They get clogged up in usage, so the choice is either replace the belt with a new one or clean it. Fortunately it is possible to clean and revive the belt to a usable product with an abrasive cleaning stick. 

However if the the wood being sanded is green, oily like pine or used to remove paint the belt gets coated with a sticky mess that binds itself to the grit.

This can not be cleaned with any of the following products:


Prostik W1308 4-Inch Abrasive Belt/Disk Cleaner with Handle


This Abrasive cleaner is designed for users who want to ensure their hands are safely away from the disk or belt they are cleaning. It also allows more pressure to be applied where the clogging material requires extra effort to remove.

  • The cleaner length is 4 inches
  • The wooden part of the unit is 9 inches.
  • There are two hand positions one to hold the unit in place and the other is a knob on top to put pressure on the cleaning head.
  • The cleaning head is small also hard wearing. Therefore good cleaning service before a replacement is required.
  • To use for cleaning wide belt belts is not recommended 


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Norton Belt Cleaning Stick 6″ Length x 1-3/8″ Width x 1-3/8″ Height (Pack of 1)


  • The Norton Belt Cleaning stick removes and cleans sanding belts of plastic, wood and non-metallic substances. 
  • With constant cleaning the abrasive belt will keep its long working life and sanding potential.
  • The cleaning  stick is manufacture from 100% natural rubber and should be applied to the abrasive belt the the sander is operating.
  • The Cleaning stick is 1.375” square and 6” in length this will restore a great many sanding belts.

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Big Horn 19544 Abrasive Belt Cleaner, 1-1/2-Inch By 1-1/2-Inch By 8-Inch


The Big Horn Abrasive Belt Cleaner made from natural rubber from Shi Lanka.

  • The stick is of a good size 0.5” square and 8” in length which will clean very many abrasive belts and disks.
  • The abrasive belt cleaner will revive the cutting ability of belts and disks in just a few seconds.
  • By constant cleaning the abrasive belt and disks will give them a longer sanding life and so save you money to spend on other projects.


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Prostik W1307 2-Inch by 2-Inch by 12-Inch Abrasive Belt and Disk Cleaner


The Pro Stik brand of Prostik is to extend the working life of sanding belts and disks.

The cleaners come different sizes to accommodate each buyers requirements. The size of the cleaners is 2 inches square by 12 inches in length. None of them are suitable for sanders using wide belts.

The Prostik product is also cleans the grip tape on skateboards. The rubber from the skateboarders shoes built up on the grip tape.

Users found that the stick is very efficient. Requires only a few seconds use on the Abrasive belt or disk, cleans it with very little wear on the stick.

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Abrasive Cleaning Stick


Using a belt or disk sander there is always a build up of material. From sanded material, reducing the effectiveness of the sand paper.

The Abrasive cleaning stick will make short work of removing the deposits from the belt or disk.

By using the cleaning stick you will also extend the useful life of your sander.

The life of the cleaning stick is quite long because it only wears away a fraction of it on each cleaning action which only takes normally a very few seconds to clean.

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Abrasive Cleaning Stick

The above products are very good at the job of clearing the debris that accumulates on sanding belts and disks. To select one product as the ultimate cleaning stick is not our position in this review. The review is to impart information what is available for you the user and the selection could be a matter of cost against how much sanding you do. Safety may be a requirement and the though of your hands near the working sander, so the Abrasive belt/disk cleaner with handle could be your choice.


Cleaning Heavily Engrained Heavy duty backed Sanding Belts

I am including the following video for any one who has experienced an engrained deposit on their sanding belts. I will point out that this is not a proven technology but as the video will show the presenter was successful. On the Amazon site under the heading of Industrial Liquid Cleaners.  The product in the video  not listed. Should some one try this procedure and find a liquid on Amazon that works for them please write a review so other wishing to try the video procedure will have the benefit of your experience.