How to Mount a Miter Saw – review

How to Mount a Miter Saw

Best Portable Miter Saw Stand


Having purchased a miter saw or considering buying one. There is then the problem how to mount a miter saw.

If installed on a bench will there be enough empty space either side of it to accommodate long timber.

The answer could be a stand that is designed for the purpose.

This will present other considerations, it is just for the workshop or will it be used on-site.

Purchasing Considerations.

  • Stationary in a workshop environment.
  • This makes the choice easier as it will not be a requirement that the stand is easy to transport but is a rigid miter saw stand.
  • For being able to use on site then the stand should be easy the carry and set up to work with.
  • A table saw stand with wheels so that it can be transported within the site.
  • How often that the miter saw is used will have a bearing the type stand is selected.
  • Does the miter stand have attachments available to make the miter stand more versatile.
  • Make sure that the miter stand being purchased has a warranty to cover faulty equipment.
  • Then possibly a consideration as to the cost of the miter stand.If it is not going to be used by a professional craftsman then buying top of the range is justified.
  • The object of this review is to save you the time needed to search the internet.

Please note:
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Following is five of the top miter stands:


SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw Stand


  • The Skill miter saw stand is advertised as a universal stand able to accommodate sliding saws up to 10” or compound miter saws up to 12”.
  • For Skil miter saws, models 3316, 3317 & 3821, can be fitted directly without using quick fit mounting brackets.
  • Heavy work pieces the Skill miter saw stand will accommodate up to 400 pounds.
  • Long work pieces has extension arms that adjust up to 7.85 ft.
    For storage and transportation the Skill miter stand folds flat.
  • The Skil saw stand is easy to assemble.

It has some very good reviews and none at all below 3 stars.


See the latest price of SKIL here…




How to Mount a Miter Saw Genesis GMSS400W Heavy-Duty Miter Saw Stand

  • Made to take up to 400 pounds by an all steel heavy duty construction.
  • For easy and mounting/removal of the miter saw it has quick-release mounting brackets.
  • Material supports have positive stops and rollers.
  • The material extension arms and supports are attached easily and are tool-free adjustments.
  • Genesis, including Genesis 12 inch Sliding Miter Saw and most Miter Saws can be fitted.
  • Easy storage made possible buy the quick-fold design and made portable with wheels.

The fold up legs could have movement when assembled but make it easy to move on site when they are folded up and use the wheels to transport the assembly.
The legs are also adjustable in length to level the stand when on an uneven ground.

There were some critical reviews complaining the product was faulty due to poor quality control.Top reviews considered the product very good and value for money.


See the latest price of Genesis here…




Folding Miter Saw Stand with Wheels and 110V Outlet Portamate PM-5000 – Heavy Duty 35.5” Work Height Miter Saw Stand with 8” Wheels, Powered Outlet and 500 lb. Capacity

The design of this folding Miter Saw stand has some very good features making it an excellent tool that would appeal to DIY Enthusiasts and Contractors:

  • Will accept tools up to 500 lbs. In weight.
  • Most makes of Miter saw con be accommodated,
  • Has reach supports of 116” and this allows 10’ to be supported.
  • The miter saw table height of 35.5” is a normal comfortable working position.
  • With an extension cord and three 110v outlets gives easy access for plugging in tools.
  • This makes the Portamate Miter Saw Stand a good work station.
  • When folded up the 8” wheels make it easy to transport on site.
  • Folds up for convenient storage.
  • High stability and easy set-up with snap pins.
  • Has a lipped-edge tray that will hold any small loose items within easy reach.

The critical reviews were concerned with the possible movement of the stand as the wheels were not at the end of the legs.

Most reviewers however found the Portamate Miter Saw Stand a very good unit.


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How to Mount a Miter Saw DEWALT DWX726 Rolling Miter Saw Stand

  • The supports for long material to feed in/out will accommodate up to 8 feet.
  • Furthermore Miter saws are affixed by easy adjusted mounting rails.
  • The height is adjustable can be made in three positions very easily with the aid of a pneumatic assisted mechanism.
  • For simple job-site mobility there are wide rubber wheels installed.
  • The product is constructed from durable tubular steel giving a load capacity of 300 lbs maximum load capacity.
  • There is provision for the electrical cord to be stowed correctly with an installed cord wrap position.

The height positioning mechanism works smoothly with a heavy 12” miter saw in lace on the stand.

In the reviews there were complaints that they were sent an old model and that there was units sent in an unfinished state.
There was not good customer service when trying to rectify errors.

The top star rating reviews considered the product a very good purchase.


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How to Mount a Miter Saw Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand


  • The gravity rise system was patented.  So giving a fast set-up and breakdown.
  • Above all with a material capacity of 16 feet , makes it one of the highest in the fully portable units.
  • Therefore for ease of movement over the job site the unit has 8” pneumatic wheels.
  • Most miter saws accommodate rapid release mounts.
  • Also for stability, adjustable levelling feet on uneven ground.
  • So the patented rise system operates by the turn of the release lever.
  • While you guide the construction to a suitable working height.
  • When the unit, not required, activate the release lever.
  • As a result the Bosch folding table saw stand collapses into a push cart design.
  • Hence with the pneumatic wheels transportation to another location.


There were not very many critical reviews. Consequently those with minor defects could be resolved by returning the product for replacement.

Top reviewers also found the product very good and lived up to the Bosch good name.


See the latest price of Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise here…



Recommendation of How to Mount a Miter Saw.

So to make a recommendation it is necessary to know the type of table saw. Above all, portable or fixed?

Certainly if the answer is portable for onsite work then the best portable table saw stand is the Bosch T4B Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand.

Then for a possible contender for a ridgid mitre saw stand is the SKIL 3302-02 Quick Mount Miter Saw Stand


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