DIY Hot Glue Guns

Glue Guns for Workshop and DIY

DIY Hot Glue Guns are a useful tool because they are compact and easy to transport and require only a DIY Hot Glue Gunsfew minutes to be ready to work. Besides that the other great benefit is that with the normal accepted glues come in tubes, bottles or containers, metal or plastic. However all glues do have a shelf life which is not easily recognised in some of them. Because it is frustrating to discover that having applied the glue it doesn’t hold. With the glue gun it should be fairly obvious that the glue stick is not good because when the heat is applied it doesn’t liquify as expected. 

Therefore once you have experience in using the glue gun I am sure that you will have no hesitation in recommending the benefits to your friends and colleagues.

Stanley Tools GR20AX Trigger Feed Hot-Melt Glue Gun


The flow of the glue is controlled by a trigger feed mechanism.

Because it heats up quickly therefore its ideal for use with arts and crafts.

Bonding time 60 seconds

Most importantly the gun requires the use of standard hot-melt sticks of glue.

You will find because the gun gets hot very quickly glue is dispenses more glue easy, quicker and heat retention is good.

Because the tool is manufactured by a national Named company you can therefore expect it to reflect their name’s standing.

The was a problem of the stand because it was flimsy  and snapped off after some use but most importantly didn’t affect the operation of the heat gun.

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Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun for UX8012 Hot Melt Adhesive


The Pam hot glue gun reaches maximum working temperature in about five minutes.

Because the Pam gun is equipped with a 220 watt powerful heating element designed therefore to give fast continuous heat.

Because the temperature is adjustable and besides being controlled by an adjustable trigger it therefore reduces fatigue.

The Drip-free nozzle is of a propriety design.

A cabinet maker put the drawer fronts on with hot glue, lining them up while the glue is still pliable. The remove the drawers, therefore this allowed the drawer front to be screwed on. Besides being able to line up the drawer fronts it therefore made the operation simpler.

There is a good application for laying a hardwood flooring because nails are not an option on a concrete floor.

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ccbetter Upgraded Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

with 30pcs Glue Sticks,Removable Anti-hot Cover Glue Gun Kit with Flexible Trigger for DIY Small Craft Projects & Sealing and Quick Daily Repairs 20-watt,Blue


Because the ccbetter hot melt glue gun heats up in three to five minutes.  Besides ableDIY Hot Glue Guns to remain at a constant temperature because of the design of the  temperature control system. Therefore makes home use ideal besides cooling super quick to touchable.

Most importantly the ccbetter hot melt gun is fitted with a safe power switch. Besides there is also an anti-hot cover therefore these fixtures make it very user friendly.

Because it has a propulsion trigger device, a superior nozzle therefore you have good control glue flow. This allows high temperature use without deformation of the glue gun.

With the purchase of the hot gun a supply of 30 pieces of strong-adhesive environmental friendly glue sticks. 

Because the ccbetter company service is friendly they offer 100% money back guarantee. 


On/off switch

Stand attached

Very compact

Nozzle gets into small cracks

Glue sticks included


The stand can get trapped behind the trigger

The function does not stop working

To clear therefore put the trigger in to release.

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Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 100 Watt

With Carry Bag and 12 pcs Glue Sticks, for DIY, Arts & Crafts Projects, Sealing and Quick Repairs, Light and Heavy Duty in Home and Office by PROkleber



The best PROkleber glue gun therefore suitable for amateur, professional, how and DIY Hot Glue Gunsoffice. Besides can operate with various materials, wood, paper, metal, glass plus more.


Made accordingly to German Standards Quality with a design that is very ergonomic, Therefore the glue gun materials of the hot gun, metal and durable plastic will give years fo service.


The Glue Gun includes:

Glue stick 12 off

Silicone Finger Protectors 3 off

Packed in a travel/storage bag



Glue Gun full size

Ergonomic, fits perfectly in hand

Comfortable trigger and handle

Suitable for men and women

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Hot Glue Gun, Cobiz Full Size (Not Mini) 60/100W

Dual Power High Temp Heavy Duty Melt Glue Gun Kit with 10 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks(0.43” x 8″) for Arts & Crafts Use,Christmas Decoration/Gifts


  • Ergonomic design
  • Handles comfortably
  • Manufactured with high quality plastic 
  • Engineered to sustain temperature
  • Besides high pressure without deforming.


  • The German ceramic PTC thermal heating system
  • Therefore 1-3 minute fast preheating ensured
  • Dual power unique design 
  • Made for Arts and Crafts work


  • The heavy duty Cobiz glue gun
  • Inbuilt safety features
  • Because a fuse prevents overheating
  • Therefore its use is extremely safe


  • Because all of us have DIY talent
  • Therefore the c hot glue gun makes DIY easy
  • Get your glue gun to start your creativity


  • BIG DO to sub-standard glue sticks
  • Because unsatisfied work
  • 20 types of sticks to select from
  • Therefore ensuring viscoelasticity & soundness
  • Fits well for 0.43” (D)*8″


  • 2 rubber finger protectors
  • For limited time Steel Rasper
  • 3 year warranty
  • 45-day Refund Guaranty


Most importantly the two features you will like

The LED on the power switch indicating it is heating

And the trigger


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DIY Hot Glue Guns

The review of DIY Hot Glue Guns shows therefore you the buyer has a good choice selection. Most importantly you will have to decide the type for the project you are doing.

The two outstanding guns are the HOT MELT GLUE GUN KIT and COLBIZ FULLSIZE. 

Most importantly though they could be giving more than your project requires. Therefore look again to see which best fits the needs of your project.

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