Disk Sander Definition – review with Disk/Belt combo

Disk Sander Definition To answer the question What is a disk sander used for? It is necessary to explain a disk sander definition with a description.

A disk sander consists of a circular abrasive paper mounted on a circular hard plate usually metal which is rotated at speed. There is normally a support table in front of the disk to support the sanded material. And some have miter tracks to use a angle miter.


The size of the disk sander can be from 4 inches up to as much as 12 inches. The larger size normally considered commercial appliances.

The object of the disk sander to smooth various materials or remove some material that is not required. The rotation of the abrasive disk is very good for sanding end grain but when sanding along the grain care should be taken to prevent scoring so advisable to make light passes.

A great many woodworkers prefer to use a belt sander and disc sander combo to offset the cost of purchasing two separate tools. The resulting unit has a disk that is between 4 to 6 inches in diameter with various ways the belt sanding attachment is positioned.


It does however give the possibility of having a flat plate under the abrasive belt . This does provide provision to sand a flat surface on the work piece.

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The following five sanding tools will provide information on Disk Sander Definition and what is a belt sander used for :


WEN 6502 4 x 36-Inch Belt and 6-Inch Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base

This Disk/Belt sander has a cast iron to minimise vibrations, with a 6 inch sanding disk and a 4 x 36 inch abrasive belt.


The sanding disk has an adjustable cast aluminium work table with a miter gauge allowing precise angle sanding.

A health safety feature.

  • A 2-1/4 inch dust extractor port.
  •  Enables to use a dust extractor.
  • .

A stop bar, incorporated as an additional safety feature. The unit, powered by 4.3 amp 1/2 HP motor. Gives an output of 3600 revs/min.
The belt sander can be tilted through 90 degrees which allows the idler when to become easily available to sand inside curves. The flat plate under the sanding belt provides a reasonable area for flat grinding.


The belt is a quick and easy process by releasing the tension by a lever and sliding the belt off and inserting the replacement. The unit, supplied with a 80 grit disk and belt.
The WEN unit is covered by a two-year warranty and a nation wide network of experienced technical personnel.


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POWERTEC BD4800 Woodworking Belt Disc Sander w/ Built-In Dust Collection, 4 x 8-Inch

The Powertec Unit is a disc and belt sander combo unit having its own built in large dust collecting bag. There is an Aluminium Work table that is interchangeable for the disk or belt grinder.


The table has a miter slot and the miter angles between 0/45 degrees to enable precision sanding. The disk is a very useful size of 8” with a belt of 4” wide.


The belt has an easy change operation and the flat working plate of the Belt can be horizontal or vertical and angles in between.

The unit weighs 52.8 lbs.


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Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander, 1 x 30-Inch

Disk Sander DefinitionThis combination disk/belt sander has a powerful 1/3 HP motor giving 3450 revs/min. It has two sanding tables that can tilt to 45 degrees and are of a very useful size to work on.

The disk size is 5 “ and the belt is 1”x 30”, this permits sanding of intricate parts.
The unit is light weight at just 20 lbs.


  • Powerful motor delivering 3450 revs/min.
  • Work table are a good size and can tilt up to 45 degrees.
  • Lightweight at 20 lbs.
  • Possibly used by all types of user being flexible usage.


  • Disk is only 5”
  • Belt at 1”x 30” is limiting and not an simple to change.
  • Has only a miter slot on the disk work table.
  • Belt application is only in the vertical position.

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Proxxon 37060 Disc Sander TG 125/E

Disk Sander DefinitionThe Proton Disk Sander uses 5 inch sanding discs that are self adhesive and can removed easily. The work table has a 10 degree upward and 50 degree downward, having a miter slot and gauge.


A c-clamp provided, to secure the sander to the bench in a vertical or horizontal position.

The Proton supplied with 2 each of the following:

  • 80, 150 and 240 adhesive grits.
  • Suitable, so possible to use on a variety of materials.
  • Wood, metal and a variety of plastics.


It has an adapter to connect to a vacuum unit to keep the work area free of dust so reducing any health risks.


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Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 Disc Sander, 1/2 Horse Power, 12-Inch

Disk Sander DefinitionThe Delta Disk  Sander Definition, is a desktop sander of cast iron construction with a powerful 1/2 HP motor and a 12” diameter steel disc plate.


The base has filled holes for bench mounting but a 80 lbs weight it requires assistance to lift It into place. To stop the disc in a few seconds, use the top-mounted brake.

The cast iron work table has a miter grove. So has pre-set stops at 22.5, 45 and 90 degrees.

The dust collection system, built in under the work table. So draws dust away from the work surface. The hose has a 2.25” outside diameter for connection to a vacuum unit.

This open unit, so take care, this tool as the disk will take off more than just a layer of skin in a very short time. Because the top mounted brake stops the disk in seconds.


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Disk sander definition and belt sander facts.

The best desktop disk sander defintion is the Delta Power Equipment Corp 31-140 Disc Sander, 1/2 Horse Power, 12-Inch it is the professionals used model. It has the power required for use in the professional workshop.


It is capable of continuous use for any project that the operator demands of the unit.
The best combination belt disk sander is the POWERTEC BD4800 Woodworking Belt Disc Sander w/ Built-In Dust Collection, 4 x 8-Inch having a large disc of 8 inch and combined with a 4 inch wide belt.

It also includes its own dust collection bag saving on the cost of a vacuum unit.


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