Best Cut Resistant Gloves

Introduction to cut resistant gloves levels.


Best Cut Resistant Gloves When working with sharp knives the user should wear protection of their hands with the best cut resistant gloves.

There are many different gloves on the market for different types of protection but there isn’t one that will cover every eventuality.

Gloves that are cut-resistant are designed to protect the hands of the wearer when working with sharp knives and tools. There are different types of gloves:

A chainmail made from stainless steel rings to form a metal mesh. These are primarily used in the food industry, especially where meat is being processed.

Those made from cut-resistant material which is used to manufacture the gloves.The cut shapes of the material are sewn to produce the glove.

The knitted gloves are produced using a knitting machine, these are seamless, and can incorporate various special yarns. The flexibility of the glove is dependant on the gauge of the yarn is being used.The glove can coated with Polyurethane, Nitrite or Latex in solid of foam coating.


There are two standards that are used to evaluate gloves cut-resistance ISO 13997 and EN388:2003. Each has its own method of evaluation but they are both cut resistant gloves level 5.

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In the cut resistant gloves review of the top 5 cut-resistant gloves, only those with a cut-resistance level 5 will be included:


Epica Cut Resistant Gloves with CE Level 5 Protection, 1 Pair-3 Year Warranty

  • The gloves are of the best quality cut resistant food grade use.
  • The material is made with the inclusion of 4 cut resistant yarns.
  • The resulting product is s time stronger than leather.
  • Only stainless metal mesh cur resistant gloves are the only product to give a higher protection.
  • An excellent product to use in the kitchen to minimise the risk when slicing or cutting.
  • The Epica gloves have been subjected to safety and performance test to be awarded Level 5 cut resistance.
  • This will give confidence in using a sharp knife, tools and handling glass.
  • The gloves are available in two sizes to fit men’s snd women’s hands and the knit material of high end product.
  • The gloves have a stretch recovery from specially manufacturing process this allows flexibility and manual dexterity.


This makes the gloves a very good addition for knife wood carving.


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WISLIFE Cut Resistant Gloves ;Level 5 Protection, Food Grade,EN388 Certified, Safty Gloves for Hand protection and yard-work, Kitchen Glove for Cutting and slicing,1 pair (Large)

  • The durable gloves are made from Dyneema making them resistant to being cut and much stronger than leather.
  • The cut resistance meets the EN388 so qualify for the level 5 cut resistance standard.
  • The butchers gloves are of food grade so absolutely food safe.
  • For oyster shucking, slicing and kitchen applications the Wislife chainmail glove is perfect model.
  • It is also ideal for pumpkin and wood carving.
  • They are comfortable lightweight cut resistant gloves being manufactured with a high polyethene content.


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Kibaron Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves: Best Fitting, Food Grade with Cut Level 5 Protection for Your Safety, Medium


  • To ensure that the gloves are a perfect fit it is necessary to use a size chart.
  • Then the ultra-thin cut gloves are comfortable thus providing the maximum control of any cutting operation.
  • The gloves are of premium food safe protecting the hands of the restaurant or the home chef.
  • The fiber used in construction is of the latest technology, lightweight and breathable.
  • The durable gloves are Level 5 cut resistance meeting the EN388 standard being 4 times the strength of leather cut resistant gloves.
  • A 100% lifetime guarantee is given to show that Kibaron has full confidence in their product.
  • They will replace or give a full refund if the purchaser is not satisfied with the purchase.


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Cut Resistant Gloves,Simlife – High Performance Level 5 Protection,Food Grade Kitchen and Work Safety,Lightweight,

Breathable,Durable and Extra Comfortable(Large)

  • Simlife gloves have a new fiber blend technology that make then 8 times stronger than standard leather cut resistant gloves.
  • With this they have the EN388 level 5 cut resistance awarded.
  • The gloves are constructed to endure sharp edged blades being used in food preparation.
  • The grip obtained is comfortable and convenient for small and large hands.
    When wearing the gloves dexterity and precision is obtained.
  • They install confidence when preparing food, changing blades and undertaking household repairs.
  • The gloves are constructed from a high polyethene unique material making them durable, lightweight and breathable stretch fit.

.The reviews are very good and there are none lower than 3 star.


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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade. Size Small, Free Ebook Included!

  • The gloves have 4 times the strength of leather, being durable and constructed from cut resistant material of the highest level.
  • The superior grip obtained wearing the glove is comfortable and snug for small and large hands.
  • This provides complete dexterity and required precision when doing jobs or preparing food.
  • The protection is not bulky but comfortable and lightweight cut resistant gloves.
  • They have been awarded the EN388 cut resistance gloves level 5.
  • They are very good for kitchen applications, oyster shucking, carpentry and wood carving.
  • The gloves are machine washable to keep the gloves clean and 100% food safe.


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Recommendations of the best cut resistant gloves

The 5 gloves reviewed all posses cut resistant properties and are not exorbitent in cost there is however two that demonstrate that extra benefit:

Kibaron Kitchen Cut Resistant Gloves: Best Fitting, Food Grade with Cut Level 5 Protection for Your Safety, Medium, giving the purchaser a lifetime guarantee of full refund.

Cut Resistant Gloves,Simlife – High Performance Level 5 Protection,Food Grade Kitchen and Work these gloves had very good reviews and no 1 or 2 star criticisms.