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The woodworking router table has the cutter head of the router unit protruding up Router Tablethrough a hole in the table. The fence also has cut out to allow the cutter to be situated close to the centre of the cutter. This is desirable when a shaped cutter is being used to impart the desired shape on the edge of the work piece. The fence determins the distance the cutter imparts the shape into the work piece. The height of the cutter more of the cutter shape is cut into the work piece.

When cutting a slot into the work piece the fence sets how far the slot is to be cut from the edge and the height of the cutter how deep the slot.

To cut shapes on a table router you need a pin to rest the work piece on to feed the shape to be cut into the cutter. Normanly the pin is supplied but they are easy to make, thereason for it is to control the cutting action in a smooth operation. The following is a video on how to make and use a router pin:


Dremel 231 Portable Rotary Tool Shaper and Router Table- Woodworking Attachment Perfect for Sanding, Shaping, and Trimming Edges


The attachment is ideal for the hobbyist who needs to do router operations on relatively small components.

It uses the Dremel rotary tool to provide you with  a precision bench mounted shaper of wood.

Mounts with ease onto a tabletop work area and is easily stored when not in use.

It has a fence that is adjustable and there is also a 8”x 6” worktable to allow light duty precision projects.

Gives you the precision and flexibility to sand and shape hard and soft woods in detail.

The following Dremel tools are compatible with the product –

Corded Models:

100, 200, 3000, 4000, 4200 and 4300.

Cordless Models:



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Skil RAS900 Router Table


This Skil Router Table comes supplied with all the necessary accessories needed to be aRouter Table very complete unit.

It has storage facility to accommodate router bits and the fence.

Other components include two feather boards, miter gauge  and bit inserts.

The fence is tall fitted with laminate adjustable MDF faces.

To router curved work a starter pin and guard to give support are provided.

The complete unit is very stable making this a very good unit for the Do It Yourself woodworker.


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Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171


This manufacturer, a well known producer of high quality products.Router Table

Has a tall fence made of aluminium measures 4.875” 25.125”. That means it can be incorporated to handle with ease tall stock. The fence has MDF face plates giving a smooth operation.

The mounting plate for the router is rigid, flat and precise to give accuracy. Predrilled, to accommodate a great many varieties of routers.

Has easy to operate two feather boards fitted to the router table and fence. Thus providing kickback protection and additional guidance.

The table has two dust ports which take standard 2.5” vacuum hoses to remove dust and debris.

The cabinet style unit provides a good working environment.


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KREG Precision Router Table System, Kreg# PRS1045


The Kreg table top measures 24” x 32”and is mounted on a powder coated steel stand adjustable from 31” to 39” in height. The table, made from MDF covered with a laminate of Easy Slide Micro-Dot surface.

A router insert plate incorporated in the table top, this includes three moulded Level-Loc rings.

A micro ajusting wheel on the 36” T-square to permit precise settings.

The steel stand can have casters fitted for ease of movement. The four piece  casters are not suppled.

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Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX – 10″ 5 HP 240V Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table


This model started as a table saw but to improve the appeal of it a Router extension wasRouter Table added. This also gives the table saw an extension to saw and support large wood articles to cut with ease. The router extension has support legs that are adjustable to allow for any deviation of floor level.

The saw fence doubles as table fence for the router.

The unit constructed with sealed ball bearings, a fast change between splitter guard and diving knife. The base dimensions: 20.5” x 20.5”, with the two attached wings 40” x 27”.


  • Single phase 240 volt 5 HP motor.
  • T-slots in the table prevent the miter gauge from dropping of when retracted.
  • The 5/8” saw arbor long enough to take up to 13/16” dado blades.
  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees 3”.
  • Depth of cut at 45 degrees 2.125”.
  • Cutting width. 32” right – 8” left of the blade.


So much for the specifications now look at the features of the product:

  • Quick release Blade Guard.
  • Precision Ground Cast-iron Table and extension wings.
  • Poly-V Serpentine Belt Drive.
  • Cast-iron Router Table.
  • Shop Fox Classic Fence.
  • Regular and Dado Inserts included.
  • Superior Dust Collection by Encapsulating the underside of the Blade.
  • Hand wheels  are extra large for easy movement of the arbor.


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Router Table – Woodworking