Protective clothing for chainsaw users

Protective clothing for chainsaw users

Operating a chainsaw always carries a risk.  If you’re planning on using one, the smart thing to do is to use proper chainsaw safety gear.  Goggles, gloves, and safety chaps for chainsaw use are designed to lessen or prevent serious injuries.  Protective clothing for chainsaw users creates a safety barrier without reducing mobility. 

If a chainsaw can cut through a tree trunk, imagine what it can do to your leg.  Regular jeans don’t stand a chance against a high powered blade. 

That’s why chainsaw safety gear like wood cutting chaps is vital.  They’re made to form a blockade between you and the business end of a chainsaw.  The material clogs up the moving chain, giving you enough time to dodge a harmful mishap.   

A large variety of chaps exist, and finding the best pair isn’t always easy.  The best chainsaw chaps offer protection, flexibility to move, and an adjustable fit.   Yes, they can be a bit pricey.  But the cost of a tough pair of chainsaw chap pants is much less than that of a visit to the emergency room.

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husvana1Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Wear these chaps for chainsaw work that requires heavy duty protection. The denier polyester has a PVC coating for extra resilience. 

The Tek warp protective layers of material are cut-retardant so they can’t be sliced by a blade. They’re designed to pull apart which clogs the chainsaw sprocket system. By slowing or stopping the rotation, these chainsaw chap pants obstruct the motor so you have time to get your leg out of the way. 

The straps use acetyl Delran buckles to snap around the leg from knee to ankle to block debris.  With the full wrap design, the entire front is covered plus the back of the calves. 

They also sport two pockets for carrying a felling wedge and other gear.  While they offer lots of protection, you still have a full range of motion to climb trees, stretch, or jump over fallen logs. 

They can adjust to a 42 inch waist. If the legs are too long, just roll them up and snap them in place. There are no complicated cleaning instructions.  When they’re dirty, throw them in the washer on a cold cycle


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Protective clothing for chainsaw usersStihl 0000 886 3202 36 inch Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps

These apron-style chaps for cutting wood fit well, offer breathing room, and move with you as you work.  With an adjustable waistline up to 42 inches, size isn’t really a problem. 

Working outside in hot weather isn’t fun, especially when you’re wrapped up in a few extra layers. The open-back apron style lets air circulate and eliminate excess heat.  

They’re available in six or nine layers of material, so you can choose how much protection you need. 

Some chainsaw chap pants don’t have pockets, but these do.  One deep front cargo pocket lets you carry around miscellaneous items like keys, wallet, or other tools.


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Protective clothing for chainsaw usersElvex-Safety-ProChaps-Chainsaw-Chaps

These chaps make a great addition to your stash of chainsaw safety gear.  The quick release buckles on the waist and legs makes getting them on and off simple.  The straps pull tight so you can adjust them to the right fit. 

Made of 100 denier nylon fabric, they offer powerful protection from chainsaw disasters while remaining lightweight and flexible. 

Since the left side of the legs is more prone to injury. These asymmetrically designed chaps offer extended protection to that area.   The full calf wrap keeps your legs safe from the knee to boot. 

Measuring 36 inches from the waist to ankle hem, they fit over your jeans and snap tight for a comfortable fit.  Not only is there a front pocket, but it zippers up to keep wallets and cell phones safe. 


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 Protective clothing for chainsaw users Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps

Not all wood cutting involves a chainsaw.  For other jobs like branch or grass trimming, protection is still necessary.

While they offer no protection from chainsaws, these chaps work well to protect against grass and other small flying debris. 

Wear them over your jeans like regular chainsaw chap pants.  Heavy duty zippers replace the need for buckles.  Step in and zip up for a fast fit.  The oversized zippers on the lower legs let you adjust the fit regardless of thickness. 

The water repellent feature keeps you dry as you trim around ponds and lakes. When they’re dirty, throw them in the washer on a cold cycle. 


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Chain Saw Chaps

The left (outer) side of the leg takes the brunt of most accidents. These wood cutting chaps designed to protect that area the most. 

While the front and outer parts of the leg are covered, the inside is free to breathe.  The polar weave design of the material unravels to clog the chainsaw motor on contact. 

These chainsaw chap pants made from lightweight 400 denier nylon material.  Release buckles on the waist and legs snap for a quick fit and adjustability.  Pull the nylon straps to adjust the size.   Leg length alteration from 33 to 36 inches.


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Protective clothing for chainsaw users – Our best chainsaw chaps recommendation

Wearing protective chaps for chainsaw work that can cause some hefty injuries is one of the smartest preventative measures you can take.  Don’t underestimate the risks of the damage a chainsaw can cause. 

The best chainsaw chaps for cutting wood depend on the type of job you’re doing.  If you’re cutting down a forest and want the ultimate in protection, we recommend the Husqvarna 5871660704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

The full coverage and PVC coated material are attractive features when safety is a priority.  These wood cutting chaps definitely work hard to stop the chainsaw from reaching you. 

But what if you’re not using a chainsaw and still need chaps for cutting wood, trimming, or hedging?  The lightweight Forester Protective Trimmer Safety Chaps could be perfect. .  

Whatever pair you choose, be smart about it.  Protective clothing for chainsaw users who value their life and limbs is never a bad investment.  Buying a pair of chaps for chainsaw use or regular wood cutting chaps will keep you safe and help to avoid a visit to the hospital. 


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