Best 10 inch Saw Blades – Review – circular saw blade thickness

The 10 inch Saw Blades


Best 10 inch Saw BladesThe best 10 inch saw blades are used on many woodworking machines ranging from table saw, miter saw, chop saws and some hand saws.

For users of woodworking machines requiring saw blades it is essential that a 10 inch saw blade meets the requirements of the user.

If the need is to keep the wood wastage to a minimum then a the circular saw blade width has to considered.

Then ultra thin kerf circular saw blades is what the user is going to search for and in the following review there are some to be considered.

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IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Table / Miter Circular Saw Blade, 10-Inch 180T (11870)

  • For accurate smooth cuts, professionally grind the circular saw teeth.
  • The saw blade plate is fully hardened to make it to run true and longer.
  • To extend the life span of the saw blade it is made of high-carbon heavy gauge steel.
  • The 10 inch blade has a 5/8 inch arbor and a 0.09” kerf.
  • It has 180 teeth that are top/face ground.
  • Having a small kerf will give a small cut and therefore reduce the amount of available wood loss.


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Concord Blades WCB1000T080HP 10-Inch 80 Teeth TCT General Purpose Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

  • The construction of the saw blade is of a professional quality.
  • This allows the saw blade to rip and crosscut hardwoods of 3.5” thickness.
  • Is useable in Miter, Table and Chop saws at speeds up to 5,500 revs/min.
  • Will cut Hard, Soft, Abrasive and Exotic woods.
  • With the 2.6 mm thin kerf this gives a smooth finish to the cut and minimal waste.
  • Therefore, attribute improved finish.
  • Low hook angle and increases the required feed pressure.
  • The saw blade is also available in 40 and 60 teeth format.


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DEWALT DW3106P5 60-Tooth Crosscutting and 32-Tooth General Purpose 10-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack

  • Tips stay sharper longer using toughed tungsten carbide.
  • For a faster, smother cutting action the blade has a thin kerf.
  • To provide a reduction in vibration to improve a better finish and accuracy the
  • Computer balanced saw blade.
  • The tips maintain a true edge and durability using tungsten carbide.
  • The best use for the saw blades is working in miter and slide miter sawing operations/
  • The blades are imported..


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Freud D1060X Diablo 10-Inch 60 Tooth ATB Fine Finish Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

  • The 10”, 60 tooth Diablo Blade is an easy one to use.
  • With the TiCo High density Carbide with
  • Titanium cutters are a feature of Freud to provide long life with a excellent finish.
  • Has a thin laser cut kerf to give fast, durable, clean cuts and minimum waste.
  • To reduce heat and pitch build-up the saw blade has treated with a Perma-Shield non-stick coating.
  • The saw blade has vents, laser-cut, to stabalise, trap noise, vibration, cooling the blade and reducing warp.
  • For impact-hesitance Tri-Metal brazed Carbide tips.
  • Chinese made Freud saw blade.


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Freud D1050X Diablo 10-Inch 50-tooth ATB Combination Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor and PermaShield Coating

  • The laser cut stabilisation vents are to trap noise, vibration, cooling and blade warp reduction.
  • The expansion slots let the saw blade expand with heat build-up allowing the saw to cut straight and true.
  • The micro grain titanium carbide tips are for razor sharpness and long life.
  • Therefore the carbide cutting tips to withstand high impact.   Tri-metal brazed for maximum durability.
  • The laser cut arbor ensures accurate saw blade rotation. So minimises vibration and early wear.
  • An easy to use product of Freud Diablo Blade.
  • This is an imported product from China.


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Recommendation – The best 10 inch Saw Blades


This review has looks at the top best 10 inch saw blades. And to select one as the best of the best is difficult. Not knowing what the user is looking for. The Freud Diablo blades an excellent choice for either rip or cross-cut applications. Both well constructed, and that  supports the number of users having purchased them.

The DeWalt two saw pack is also good value, so the ultimate choice is for you the user to decide which of the five best 10 inch saw blades that are in this review meets your requirements.