Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding

The Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding wheel has many advantages Cubic Boron Nitride Grindingover the average grinding wheel. It works best on a slower rotating bench grinder. The CBN cuts without much heat so the danger of burning and possible softening your tool is minimised.

The CBN surface does not load up with metal so cleaning is eradicated. Also therefore no wear on the wheel so dressing require and all settings for the diameter of the wheel remain constant.

Very little sparks and dust eliminates the need for a high powered dust collection unit.

The wheels are more expensive than normally used wheels, but with the CBN coating will last for a very long time its price is quickly atomised.


Mega Square CBN Grinding Wheel, 8″ 5/8 arbor, 600 Grit

This wheel has the advantage over its competitors in that it is wider and has more depth of coating on the sides.


  • Wheel diameter 8 inches.
  • Width 1.5 inches.
  • Depth of grit on sides 1 inch.
  • Grit 600



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Super Abrasive CBN 5-3/4” Chainsaw Wheels for 3/8 and .404 Pitch Steel Chains

This specially designed wheel is pre-shaped cutting edge coated with CDN to sharpen chain saws. The bore hole of the wheel is the size used be many of the the wheels provided by the chain saw sharpener manufacturers

Will fit the following makes:

  • Oregon 511A.
  • Maxx, Tecomec.
  • Northern.
  • Timber Tuff.
  • Carlton.
  • Speed Sharp.

Specification of the wheel.

  • Diameter 5.76 inch.
  • Arbor hole 7/8 inch.
  • Thickness 3/16 inch.
  • Chain pitch 3/8 and .4o4.



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Spartan Aluminum CBN Grinding Wheel 8 inch, 5/8″ Arbor, 180 grit

The wheel of the 8” Spartan CBN is manufacture of aluminium Cubic Boron Nitride GrindingSOLID 6061. It has a lifetime warranty and has a life guarantee to retain its shape. Remain in balance also retaining the CBN


  • Width 1”.
  • Grit on the wheel sides for 1/4”.
  • Arbor hole O.625”
  • Grit 180.

With grit on the side of the wheel allows using the side of the wheel with no danger of breaking.


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Hurricane 6″ CBN Grinding Wheel, 80 Grit, 1.0″ Wide, 1/2″ Bore, for Sharpening High Speed Steel Tool

The wheels are manufacture of aluminium, lighter than steel so that they run on all  grinders smoothly.

For use on bench grinders with a preferred rotation speed of 1800 RPM.With the CBN material on the face and a 1/4 inch on the side faces.

As the CBN material never requires dressing means the wheel runs true and balanced


  • Wheel diameter 6”.
  • Width 1”.
  • Arbor hole 1/2’.
  • Available in fine & course grain Grit.

This is a very good product for sharpening woodworking tools of high speed steel.


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WoodRiver 180-Grit CBN Grinding Wheel, 8″x 1″ for Grinders with a 5/8″ Arbor

The wheel is constructed from steel plate and the surface is coated Cubic Boron Nitride Grindingwith Cubic Boron Nitride grinding compound. This method of construction is very good as there is no danger to the wheel cracking or fragmenting in use. The CBN coating lasts and not require dressing. The grounding tool does not overheat and burn. It is recommended to have all the wheel guards in place in use.


  • Wheel 8 X 1 inch.
  • Arbor 0.625”
  • Grit 180.



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Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding – Conclusion

The above five Cubic Boron Nitride Grinding wheels are there to give you a new slant on the possible method of sharpening your woodworking tools. There is no one that is better than the others, as each can be use on the side face of the wheel with safety. The wheel designed to sharpen chain saws is an odd one but I considered it worth including in the review.